11 Commandments of the Space Age

January 28, 1997 |

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11 Commandments of the Space Age  were shared by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan in a lecture on January 28, 1997

  1. Keep your mind, body and soul together
  2. Enjoy time and space
  3. Trust in God
  4. The One who can rotate the earth for you can take care of your routine
  5. Death is nothing but a good sleep
  6. Love is one-way traffic
  7. The price of life is to keep your ego with you
  8. Think and believe that you represent your Creator
  9. Those who have come, shall go
  10. If you are remembered, leave nothing behind but goodness
  11. Know that you are alive

” What is the process is to give you body with a destiny and with a distance but the creative mistake in this whole thing is the life is not by days, month and years.  Is by breath. That many breath…..you know how yogis extend their life?

They practice to breathe one breath a minute so if his life is 100 years, that yogi will live 1500 years. And nothing can happen and body will sustain itself. 

… technically you must understand if you understand the principle of life principle

how the Hand of God works, then you understand it… if you don’t understand got to work. Then you have to hustle. Everything is diagonal. Your muscles and all that they have a cross diagonal so you have to find for every square,  the block of your life, you have to find a triangle so once you can cut your block. ” See the video to learn more about this

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