13 Facets of a Teacher’s Identity

December 21, 2010 |

Categories: Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan

By Yogi Bhajan

  • A teacher gives you experience. A preacher gives you philosophy.
  • A teacher is the personal honor of God Himself.
  • A teacher is an institution for help, service and raising people’s consciousness, not an individual.
  • A teacher must go through calamity with a radiant smile.
  • A teacher deals with another person with a humble imperial majesty.
  • A teacher appears in utmost grace. She or he doesn’t try to appeal to the Earth. A teacher is straight, talks straight, and lives straight.
  • A teacher has a width of heart and deep understanding.
  • A teacher answers the call of duty with grace and compassion.
  • A teacher is straight, talks straight and lives straight
  • As a teacher you must look smart, be smart, talk straight; never be right or wrong; always be neutral. Speak through your neutral mind.
  • You can learn from a teacher by questioning or you can learn from a teacher by blessing.
  • Serve all and all shall serve you.
  • When confronted by negativity, take altitude, then change attitude.

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