A Self-Therapy 

January 30, 1979 |

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This was published on page 262 of the book, “The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib”, which was published in 1979:

“When we cannot listen, we cannot say.  It is simple.  This cantaloupe, this head, this watermelon, or whatever you want to call it, has a working mechanism.  It only gets elevated when you listen.  People asked Guru Arjan, ‘What will this Adi Granth do for us?’  He said, ‘It will do everything for you’.  ‘Why? How?’ Guru Arjan said, ‘When you read it, when you talk to it, it will talk to you and you will listen to that talk.  It will make you a listener – a divine listener. It will not make you a talker, a rapper.’ 

 “The formation Siri Guru Granth Sahib was based on one thing:  the highest faculty of elevated technology for mankind.  Therefore, it is not a biblica, it is not a collection of stories.  It is an analytical approach of the reactionary self to the taking self. 

 Eh man meriaa too sadaa raho har naale. 

Oh my mind, remain with God all the time. 

 Har naal raho too man mere dookh sabh viaarnaa. 

Oh my mind, stay with God.  Recognize that there is a pain in you, but forget it for the moment and be with God.  ~ Guru Amar Das (917). 

 It is a direct, self-analytical, self-therapy.  What is God? Your totality.” (January 15, 1976) 

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