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December 27, 2021 |

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As shared by Charansev Kaur from Chile, in the last Sikh Dharma Ministry newsletter for 2021.

I decided to become a Minister of Sikh Dharma because I felt that taking that step is the way that suits me to become a better sevadar of the Guru, to honor the name which was given to me, and to honor my destiny.

Then, what does it actually mean to be a Minister? This question came suddenly to my mind during our last monthly Gurdwara program.

It was interesting because I was—as I usually am during every Gurdwara program in the last couple of years—worried about every single detail: Is the sound system working well for the kirtanees? Is the temperature okay for the sangat or should I turn on the heat? Is the langar going to be on time before the Ardaas blessing?

In the midst of all these concerns the question suddenly appeared: Then…what is it to actually BE a Minister? And I said to myself: “Exactly what I’m doing right now and more.” It was like the Guru and Yogi Bhajan sent me that message. So, what is more? This is what I’ve been figuring out in my meditation during the past week and in my day-to-day life. And here is my answer:

More is not about me; not about how I can become a better sevadar. It is about how I can inspire others to become better versions of themselves. How can our community become better sevadars of the Guru?

In the past, I have been much disciplined in learning all the protocols, shabds, and all it takes to run a Gurdwara program as gracefully as the Court of the Guru deserves. It’s been wonderful to see how our community has grown and has developed such a deep relationship with the Shabd Guru.

But as I am taking an important step as a Minister of Sikh Dharma, I feel I need to push us as a community so we can also take a step. So…for this monthly Gurdwara program on November 8th, I won’t be organizing all the details as I usually do. Instead, I will just do the kirtan and encourage our sevadars to take a step and be leaders; to put their talents to shine, and to empower themselves to also fulfill their personal Hukam.

More is not about me; not about what I want things to look like or be like. It is about what God wants it to be like. My only duty is just to be aware when He sends me a command and serve His Perfect Divine Plan. As a Minister, my most important mantra to meditate on is “Let go, let God, and let the hand of God work for you.”

“As a Minister, my prayer is that more people can have the experience of realizing that God lives within us and that every single word of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib vibrates in our hearts.”

As a Minister, I’m in continuous service to the Sadh Sangat, the future generations, my family, the environment, and the whole world. My prayer is that as a community we can plant the seeds of the Dharma for the coming generations.

My prayer is that our communities can serve, feed, give hope to the hopeless and show this world that God is right next to each of us, protecting us and taking care of all our affairs. As a Minister, my prayer is that more people can have the experience of realizing that God lives within us and that every single word of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib vibrates in our hearts.

I humbly see that I have the privilege to transmit the beauty of our Dharma, to spread the joy and blessings I’ve received by remembering that Guru Ram Das is in my heart and that the Siri Singh Sahib is gently guiding us step by step.

I deeply pray that the Guru will always hold me tight, especially in these most turbulent and challenging times. May my mind be always focused on His Light so I can serve His Will with grace and humility. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

SS Charansev Kaur Khalsa became an ordained Sikh Dharma Minister on November 21, 2020. She lives in Viña del Mar, Chile with her husband Agya Akal Singh and their beloved dog. She has recently graduated as a marketing engineer and is currently working in a real estate and construction company. She serves as a board member at Sikh Dharma Chile, as an administrative assistant at Naad Academy, and as the chairwoman at Breathe Global. By Guru’s Grace, she launched her first mantra and shabd music album with the band, Nam Deva, in 2019 and is planning to record a new album in 2022, as a gift to uplift the sangat.

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