All Heroes

December 14, 2020 |

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Photo by Karta Purkh Singh of Kansas City, MO

All heroes die
All heroes live for their students, their followers and their warriors
All heroes get shredded by those who cannot live up to their example
All heroes live to liberate others, no matter what the cost
All heroes teach sublime methods for living and dying
All heroes are not the nicest people
All heroes exist for and because of, love
All heroes are upheld by those who practice, believe and trust their teachings
All heroes live beyond their detractors who go the way of ravens and grave robbers
All heroes are heroes because they live the way God intended
All heroes turn no one away, not even the liars or the fools
All heroes embrace the most troubled
All heroes’ arms and faces are scratched and bloodied, but not beyond recognition
All heroes  believe success is preordained, because it is
All heroes beg the denials of the stupid and traitorous and forgive all the deception
All heroes believe in the impossible and console the failure
All heroes worship the infinite and deny the impossible
All heroes deny the weak and the unkind
All heroes accept humility and love
All heroes accept the belief and reject the slander
All heroes live beyond their death
All heroes

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