July 28, 2020 |

It is in the birth chart of the Siri Singh Sahib that everyone will be tested.   It is in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that “Kabir, no one who is false can withstand the Touchstone of the Lord.  He alone can pass the test of the Lord’s Touchstone who remains dead while yet alive.”  In the Siri Singh Sahib’s youth a terrible conflagration came across his community as Punjab was partitioned and thousands and thousands were slaughtered in the communal violence between Muslims and Hindus, and Sikhs caught in the middle.  Now in his after life phase we see again wrenching dividing lines come up for community in cyclical echoes of the pulling apart of community over issues of tribal and generational identity.  Those who do not put Guru first and their vows to walk Guru’s path come what may will be torn in so many directions by perceiving demands of maya and family as more compelling than sticking to Guru through the floods, through the droughts, through the blood.

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