January 30, 1974 |

We have been allowed the privilege to serve our God and Guru, who gives us two choices – to live in the territory of space or to live in the territory of grace. Space only robs the self of completeness; grace fills the self with the purity and the total ecstasy of the Holy Nam. Thus, we can enjoy the light of the sun and the sweetness of the moon on this visiting trip of earth.

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November 20, 1973 |

For any thought you want to eliminate, there are two positive ways of doing it. Either you manifest it or you put it in your meditation—no matter how negative it is. It will never let go if it’s in your subconscious mind, because it will become a block there. It will reoccur, it will haunt you. We call them haunting thoughts. The haunting thoughts can be burned in meditation forever.

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October 11, 1973 |

Everybody on this Earth forgives. Forgiveness is the law of the heart center. The heart center, the fourth center of consciousness, is the center of totality.

The prana cleans the blood, oxygenates the blood. The heart beats. All this happens in this ribcage. It is the center of compassion. If one can produce God on this Earth, it is only through compassion. If one can perform miracles, it is all the power of compassion. If one can sacrifice, it is also compassion. If one can be truthful, it is also compassion. If one can be selfless—all good facets of the being are through compassion and that is the heart center. It is the beauty, it is the dignity, it is the ecstasy of the human being.

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October 2, 1973 |

When the question of doubt arises in the minds of people, this in itself is the mark that their curiosity has been aroused…. it takes time to make the doubters, seekers of God.  It is all His Grace and if you work with Him, side-by-side, one in One, then all hassles will seem as interesting challenges and all sorrow will be received as divine blessings toward the growth and progression in Divine Consciousness.  Keep up dear one, and never give an inch but don’t forget the heart that beats with compassion and love of His Holy Name!

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June 25, 1972 |

Prevail and give peace to every heart, happiness to every heart, and bliss to every mind. Give them the greatest virtue: to meditate on You, and praise You with song and being. Give them the greatest ecstasy, the virtue of Naam, the Holy Naam, Sat Nam. Lead their lives on the path of righteousness unto the Infinity of Your righteousness. Save them from those dark pits.

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March 24, 1972 |

In one breath when you inhale, you say Sat Nam—in me is the existence of the truth. And you exhale and you say Wahe Guru—I am in ecstasy of that greatness. You run your mind with the cycle of that breath. It doesn’t take a long time to understand that you are in the stage of ecstasy and you have rebuilt your own self. And thus you can capture your mind and subconsciousness into the lotus self of purity. You will have a fragrance in you. As in the rose there is a fragrance, in your human body there shall be a beauty which shall be felt in a vibratory effect by all the people.

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April 8, 1971 |

The Mantra EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU, has 8 vibrations and describes the Glory of the Infinite. In the time period 2 and 1/2 hours before the rising of the Sun when the channels are most clear, if the Mantra is chanted in sweet harmony, you will become one with the One. It opens the solar plexus, which in turn charges the solar centers and connects them with the Cosmic Energy. All mantras are good, they are all for the awakening of the Divine but this Mantra is effective and it is the mantra for this time. It is a key which has eight levers and this key can open the lock of the time which is shaped in the form of an 8 (wheel over wheel). Therefore, when this Mantra is sung while applying the neck lock, at the point where Prana and Apana meet Sushumana, the vibration opens the cosmic lock. In the town of Goindwal in Punjab, India, even today this Divine Mantra is still inscribed on the walls of the Baoli Sahib (sacred well) at the house of Guru Amar Das, the Guru of Guru Ram Das, through whose blessing today we vibrate in the Divine ecstasy. I disclose to you today this secret of the Divine for the uplift of humanity and those who will follow it will be liberated and be one with the Divine.

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December 16, 1970 |

Let us have a habit to relate through our consciousness, through the vibration that is Mantra. As a habit, that gives you happiness. When we are unhappy and we start chanting those words, they will give us peace. When we make that a habit, that gives us peace.

What I am trying to tell you is that this deep Mantra is nothing but to create a habit. It is a habit like sending a telegram by giving a signal to a particular station, and if the station is a supreme consciousness, you get consciously related to the supreme consciousness through the sound current or through the magnetic field. In times of difficulty, they become immediately handy if you have that practice.

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June 30, 1970 |

One thing man forgets which is a reality and truth: Death. We are not permanent on this Earth. We have come here under the command of a Universal force, that cosmic energy; some people call it God. It is that great master computer in which we are all the unit computers, and we are here to perform certain practical duties. All our vibrations are time-clocked into that master computer and our balance sheet is struck every minute. Sometimes, because of our ego, we draw different lines than that of the master plan and we mess up the whole system and society, jeopardizing our own happiness in life.

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September 16, 1969 |

The load of Karma, the ego of the man and the negativity has gone so deep that the positive vibrations have to be created to save the world. You can’t live in this world without a balance, and you have to keep balance. There is nobody who is special. Everything is created by the one Creator, and you are a temporary custodian of that situation. This is the message of the Aquarian Age. Everyone has to learn to change.

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