Becoming a Laser

December 1, 2013 |

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As shared by Siri Hari Hari Singh Khalsa, Anchorage AK in 2013

In thinking about our direction and projection into the future, I remember the Siri Singh Sahib’s response to one of my Gemini-induced questions about the many job tangents I was pursuing. “You need to become like a laser. Very, very, very focused.”

Guru Hargobind is well known for having the Akal Takhat built and sending out the call for young Sikhs to come and train for fighting. His life was a constant challenge. The important thing to realize is that he had the profound insight to know these actions needed to be taken.

His mastery of the arc line gave him the ability to know what was coming and to understand his adversaries correctly. In his time, and forever after, Sikhs needed to have a political organization and to be prepared to defend ourselves and those who are oppressed. This is our legacy.

“Your reliability will give people the courage to trust you. Their trust will give you the power to carry a situation. A leader carries and serves people. Learn to lead as a ‘seva’ (to sacrifice your time and resources for the benefit of others without wanting anything in return); people will love you, and you will continue to expand.”  ~The Siri Singh Sahib (February 20, 2004)

It is also important to remember that we have a profound impact on every individual we meet. The vast majority of people may not know all the details about what we are all about, but one look at the radiance projected by someone wearing bana has a profound impact. They know we are about living righteously.

So, at this point what transformation lies ahead? Every one of us has a unique destiny intrinsically tied to our Dharma. We have example after example of how Guru Hargobind and all the Gurus met the challenges of the day and in every instance, the end result was to uplift humanity.

We have the incredible technology of Kundalini Yoga to make that task a reality. The technology of the Internet and social media enable the message to be delivered around the world.

Your experience is important!

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