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Little Harbhajan Singh liked to climb up to the roof on the topmost story of his family home.  From there, he would see far out in every direction – the dry, rolling hills, the fertile plains, the distant, rising mountains.   He liked the perspective in his lofty perch, high above the busy people, the lowing beasts and bristling landscape.  It gave him a vision above and beyond the typical cadences of time and space, a sense of immortality, a cosmic dimension – something beautiful, vast, and ever present.

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September 19, 2022 |

I remember it like it was yesterday. Actually, it was forty years ago. The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, and I were sitting in a small restaurant, Jasons, in Westwood in late spring of 1979 enjoying a falafel. Jason’s was a small but famous stop in LA because their middle Eastern food was rockin! This was back in the days when the two of us ventured out alone each afternoon. We were just leaving a movie from around the corner and the falafel hit the spot. “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, what changed your life. You’ve told me many times about your earlier life, and you have hinted that is was not always a pretty picture. What happened?”

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June 14, 2022 |

There has to be a balance between Earth and heavens. Too much heavens and too much Earth is no good. God made us human, and that is enlightenment when we keep the balance between heaven and Earth. When we live a balanced life we live happily. Happiness is in balance. There are seven steps to happiness. There is no other way. You must commit, which you don’t want to and I am not asking you, I am just explaining you the seven steps. Happiness believes… your commit happiness believes in your commitment, that will give you character, that will give you dignity, that will give you Divinity, that will give you grace, that will give you power to sacrifice and you will experience happiness.

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June 12, 2022 |

Around the same time that Columbus discovered America, Guru Nanak was traveling to bring the teachings of a higher consciousness, of “Ek Ong Kar”.  While Europe was preparing to colonize the States, Guru Nanak lashed out against injustices, hypocrisies and useless rituals–reminding kings, saints, thieves and sorcerers that the word of God is made of love and compassion.

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During the 1960s, Yogi Bhajan began taking care of many people who came from a complex cultural background.  They called themselves hippies. 
You’ve probably heard of them too.  Peace, music, sexual freedom represented a strong desire for social liberation from an identity that no longer had roots.
This led to the desire for rebellion, the rejection of a social position, a recognized identity, an ordinary life.
This was the humus in which kundalini yoga had the opportunity to take root.

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We had thought we were working on a sign for the Siri Singh Sahib. But we soon realized that he was working on a nation for us. He was helping us to see our greatness and our destiny. He was helping us to build our identity as the Khalsa nation and to help us build our history. “Sarkar e Khalsa” still stands manifest as a testimony of our hope for the future and a witness of the pure Khalsa Spirit.

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