June 20, 1972 |

During the 1970-1972 time frame Hari Singh taught Kundalini Yoga classes in the Orange County Jail as a part of an Orange County, Florida initiative called ‘Thee Door’, an anti-drug, youth outreach program of the Orange County Health Department. Hari Singh coined ‘Thee Door’ as the name of the program. During this time, Yogi Bhajan made plans to again visit Orlando on a Florida teaching tour. Hari Singh advised the student inmates well in advance of Yogiji’s possible visit inside the jail, which generated all kinds of excitement. After Yogiji arrived and was granted clearance to enter the jail, he spent almost an hour of quality time with the inmates inside their classroom cell, an experience they long remembered.

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April 13, 1969 |

“And it is only five hundred years ago when this man came to this world with a message of peace, equality.  His peace was different.  He said, “You are to be equal.  You have no power to differentiate between the black and white, between the Muhammadan and Hindu, between the Christian and a Buddhist, between the tall and the short, between having the long hairs and the short hairs.  You have absolutely NO difference and you can NOT preach difference and thus you cannot RULE, and others cannot be RULED.  For sake of securities, all right, but for sake of exploitation, it is wrong.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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