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February 13, 2022 |

Love has two polarities: conditional and unconditional. Conditional love has expectations which give us pain and joy.  Unconditional love gives us ecstasy, self-fulfillment, self-respect, self-esteem and the knowledge of our higher selves. Valentine’s Day is a day of love – – true and simple. Unconditional love is the power of the day. Love creates our bountiful, beautiful and blissful tomorrows, and this is God in us.

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March 28, 2021 |

In the beginning there was truth, now there is truth and Nanak, truth shall always be. Ad Sach, Joogaad sach, Hehbee Sach, Nanak Hosee Bee Sach.
Truth does not need status and position. The hand of God protects you more than you can protect yourself. Understand, as we enter the new age, the Guru has bestowed on you a status and position.  Do not waste it on cleverness. Instead live to Guru’s word with heart-felt pomp and show of your love for Him. Live in Glory and Grace, so that you are remembered hereafter.

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July 5, 2000 |

Know God made you an honorable woman and live it. You will be the most powerful, wonderful, self-contained, bountiful, beautiful, blissful and prosperous human being…. Your prayer is very powerful. Give hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless. Let God take care of you and your situation. My love, prayers and blessings are with you. We are only separated by worldly miles. Our mission is the same. May God and Guru always bless you and guide you. Humbly yours, Yogi Bhajan

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November 12, 1986 |

Life is the testing ground for the soul.  Time is now to develop the strengths, as you are doing.  All that we see is the illusion of maya.  The only reality is God.  Pain will create the change.  Allow the will of God to flow and manifest in your life.  Guru works in many ways.  It is only when we see through the eyes of ego that we feel the pain.

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February 6, 1985 |

The fact that you have communicated my son, brings about change.  Sometimes it takes going through the mountain of pain to get to the valley of pleasure to be even more grateful for gratitude and the blessings of our Creator.

Have no fear nor worry.  You have come so far and there is still the Universe to go.  Remember that work is to enjoy to feel the fulfillment of the eternal Lord and life is to enjoy the blessings of Him.  Never forget that.  You will be at peace always.

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