June 26, 1998 |

“All this knowledge is ancient and it is forgotten. We who practice Kundalini Yoga have no right to initiate anyone, because if somebody cannot initiate himself or herself, we should not be so foolish as to initiate that person. Basically, the law is that you have to be you to start with. And then you grow. Because you have three parts: a demon part, a human part and an angelic part.

At the very least you should accept yourself—you are human. Don’t talk negative, think negative, let anybody down, or participate in any let down. You should always be aware that any negative word you say negates you a hundred times more than it negates anybody else.”

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December 20, 1979 |

This meditation is to bring a meditative peace to the self.  It’s so vibratory that even your lips, your upper palate, your tongue, your entire surrounding feels a vibratory effect.  This mantra was given to me by Guru Ram Das in his astral self, not when I was challenged, but when Guru Ram Das was challenged.  The beauty of this mantra is that it was tested.  When our lives were in danger I said, ‘Folks, keep on chanting this.  We’ll always be protected.’  It’s the same today.  It always will be through every moment of life.  It is called the ecstasy of consciousness.  The impossible becomes purely, simply, and truthfully possible because you have righteous values and you have given yourself, soul and spirit, to those given values.  It is then the God manifests everything. 

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May 17, 1978 |

If your inside is in turmoil, this meditation will prevent you from dying. It can be done anytime, and its effect will be to calm you, to energize you, and to relax you. This is a very powerful meditation. Prana is life force corresponding to the electron; Apana is eliminating force corresponding to the proton; and Shushmana is the central force corresponding to the neutron. The beauty of this mantra is in the touch of palate and tongue.
Yogi Bhajan said that in the event of an atomic war, radiation will not kill you if your ‘gene aura’ is one inch thick.

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