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March 19, 2005 |

“Time needs teachers and I must push out teachers as fast as possible, any way possible, every where possible, so there may be one line of communication of brotherhood and love.  We call it healthy, happy, holy family.  We want to create a family of love, a family of togetherness, a family of people who have found how to sacrifice.” ~Yogi Bhajan, 1971

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March 16, 2005 |

“When I lie down in my bed, I can’t sleep.  I say, Yogi Bhajan, they love you so much, and like a nut you are sleeping!  What for are you sleeping on this bed?  Don’t they need you?  Are they not supposed to progress?  Then, if they are supposed to progress more, what are you, boy, doing here?  Get up and do something!  Help them in some way or another.  If you do nothing, sit there.  Even your presence is enough pressure to put them on the alert.  Write them a letter, do something!  This is known as, if I may not even write you a letter, I may not even come, but the very thought that I have thought about you, does connect me subconsciously to that factor and that area.  And that is known as communion of the mental projectivity with the heart, because there is a positive vibration.”

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July 4, 1996 |

“When you put a foot on Earth, God says ‘Thank you.’ You are a walking identity of God’s creativity. You cannot deny that. Why create insanity? Who invited you to do that? Don’t feel guilty. Just get awakened. Just wake up. Start exerting your divinity. It’s your birthright. Learn this rule: God who created you shall create for you everything when you exert your divinity. God who created you will give you nothing when you exert your duality.”

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August 30, 1991 |

In 1991, the  Sirl Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan  dictated the following Administrator’s Alphabet to his staff, as it appeared in the Summer, 1991 Beads of Truth.

People are the most valuable asset to any busi­ness or institution, but it is always a question of how to bring out their best qualities, both for themselves and the company.  The Administrator’s Alphabet helps to give guidance on how to do that.

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July 21, 1981 |

My personal feeling is that you can rest, relax, rejoice, make inductive and deductive inquiries before speaking and making a judgement, before accusing or getting accused.  If you can just make your life relative, that is called relationship with life.  That means that every incident, accident, action and reaction with your life should be relatively known to you in relation to others’ environments and circumstances.  Please don’t live your life “solo”.

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