Childhood Vision

December 23, 1979 |

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This passage appeared on page 209 of the book, TheMan Called the Siri Singh Sahib, which was published in 1979:

“Only a woman with self-respect can produce saints, warrior-heroes and givers.”

As a girl of fourteen,
I saw myself among millions,
Uplifting each soul towards God.
I was told” It can’t be done…
Not by one person … not today.”

As a young woman,
I saw the misery and foolishness,
Quickly drowning in the maya
I knew I could not bring a child
To this world of unhappiness.

As a student,
I was provided with a teacher
Beyond all my hopes and dreams.
Provided now with technology
To live my life with nobility and grace.

Today, standing before God,
A woman of grace, a woman of faith,
That I may fulfill that childhood vision
Of selfless living, sacrifice,
In service of man, in service of God.

To Siri Singh Sahib Ji,
May we all grow as you have taught us,

As conscious, courteous, noble human beings,
Living the pure destiny
As Sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh.

Humbly yours,
Metab Kaur Khalsa
Beverly Hills, Michigan

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