Communication Brings about Change

February 6, 1985 |

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In this letter from Yogi Bhajan on February 6, 1985, he talks to his student about how communication brings about change and about how pain sometimes brings gratitude and blessings.

Communication brings change - February 6, 1985

Transcript of this Letter from Yogi Bhajan

My dear son in Divine,

Sat Nam.  I am very, very grateful for your letter.

The fact that you have communicated my son, brings about change.  Sometimes it takes going through the mountain of pain to get to the valley of pleasure to be even more grateful for gratitude and the blessings of our Creator.

Have no fear nor worry.  You have come so far and there is still the Universe to go.  Remember that work is to enjoy to feel the fulfillment of the eternal Lord and life is to enjoy the blessings of Him.  Never forget that.  You will be at peace always.

Love you deeply.   May Guru be yours.

In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Humby yours,

Yogi Bhajan

A direct way to experience the Master, “back in the day”

“Back in the day”, there was no email, text messages, WhatsApp or social networks. In his Infinite love and compassion for all, Yogi Bhajan always tried to be in touch and available for everyone who wanted his advice and wisdom. Many of his students called him and wrote to him.  His tireless mission was to uplift every person, to elevate their consciousness and to relate to their Infinite Soul. People all over the world wrote him about their sorrows, pain and difficulties.  As busy as he was, he always took the time to answer everyone. His students felt that receiving a letter from Yogi Bhajan was an honor and a blessing.

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