Control of Mind, Body and Soul

February 12, 1986 |

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This is a February 12, 1986 class given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles, USA.

Here is an excerpt:

Sometimes we have our own style of life and we contradict within our pranic energy and our body. Breath of life is the base, is the cornerstone on which the life lives.  But breath of life has five more airs.  Vayu they call them.  And breath of life is called pran vayu. Pran, apan, udyan, something like that.  It goes on.  And then these five vayus have different other vayus, that means energies.  And this is how this body works in seventy-two different regions and different centers. The human body is not very complicated.  Human body is as simple as that is.  But as we grow in our life, we have never taken care of this body.  It is just like a gift has been given to us, it is for granted. So we don’t have any time to pay respect to, or homage to, thing called body.

Actually, reality is we decorate our body to attract.  We use it as a bait.  We have never sacredly respected this body. It’s a truth. Using the body as a bait, having absolutely no mind with it.  Because we use mental energy to play games, use body as a bait, ignore our soul.  That’s a one common pattern of ordinary human being.  And when we do all that, what comes out of it is nothing but a commotional relationship.  And the outfit of that is, that we do things, but we don’t understand them. In this realism, we grow. It is a very sad story of that man who is born in the image of God. Use body, decorate body, serve body, beautify body to use it as a bait. Mind, which is the most sensitive energy, is not used to collaborate the purpose of life.  But mind is used to play games. Soul, the base, the cornerstone is totally ignored.

The five vayus; the pranic vayu, the udyan, the abman, and all that, have to have a combination.

There are two ways to go in your life.  One is go and get it; one is to be and get it. One is to develop your radiant body, that everything will come to you.  One is to develop your physical body, to go for everything.  And the best way is to develop your radiant body, and your physical body, that you can have perfect balance. The car which cannot have any reverse gear, is much worse than one who only can go in reverse and not forward. The car which can only have a forward gear, one, two, three, four gear, has no reverse gear, is very difficult to drive.

So basically, the stimulation of one who thinks body is, who thinks mind is, who thinks soul is, it is being considered that your body, your mind and soul is totally yours. You take it as granted. That’s not true. Soul is dormant, but it’s there.  Mind is excellent, but it’s there.  Its excellence is never used. Body is the shell.  It is there.  It is never activated. I am starting the series from today where I would like to activate the Hata and the Sushmana, through a pure physical force.

….You all want the body to serve you and you do not even serve it. The body will be just like that car, who you do not want to serve, it will be out of tune and it will start knocking and ultimately, it will just fail you in the middle of the road.  There is no different story of life than that. With my prayers and blessing, may the longtime sunshine upon you…”

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