Yogi Bhajan Quotes: Create the Life You Want (Part 2)

May 4, 2021 |

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That infinity, that God, that purity, that power, that pure power is in your navel point. You can’t buy it, you can’t sell it, and I cannot give it to you. But I give you technological knowledge from which you can initiate it so it will start working for you. What will that mean? I am not saying there will be no problems. I am not saying there will be no rush. I am not saying there will be no scandals. I am not saying anything but that you will be untouched. You can sit like a lotus in the muddy waters and enjoy life. That is the power of the third chakra. It gives you instant, infinite experience of your life. 

You can always make and mar the day, you can always make and mar the hour, you can always make and mar the relationship. It all depends upon the intention of what you want in your life for yourself, that is the base. All advice, all help, all input, all profits, and all losses are just circumstances of time and space. The base is always you. Always you shall be the base, and always you were, you are, and you shall be.

To excel and enjoy life you need to enrich your mind. You must blend and use different combinations of your mental facets to support you and your intentions. When your faculties support your mental fashion and your fashion supports you, you become effective and share a legacy that inspires others.
-The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets

The ego is a friend and companion to be taken on the journey; it is not the driver of the car. But that does not mean that the backseat driver will not try to drive. You must take control of this backseat driver and commit yourself to your destination. Without this commitment, life has no essence, life has no joy, nor can there be any achievement.
Kundalini Quarterly, Summer Solstice 1976

Feel you are the Universe. When you relate to Nature, and Nature becomes you and your nature becomes the Nature, who can touch you? From where shall the power come which shall interfere with your prosperity, piety, purity, character, characteristics, values, virtues? Is there any power? None.

God is not what you think; God is not going to change things because you want to change things. There is a total little tinker in you called soul, and when you do the prayer it is called concentrated computed code message to the higher Cosmos that is your orbit. You can change your orbit easily, provided you understand you are part of Infinity and Infinity is part of you. 

Throughout all your activities, you have to relate, connect, and keep your soul with God. When you are eating, living, waiting, driving—anytime, remember. Let the Word guide your mind to synchronize with the Infinite under every mood. With this attitude established you can embrace life and feel the ecstasy of the creation with clarity, humility, and happiness.
-The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets

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