Dear Soldier Saint

March 23, 2018 |

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Mai Bhago – painted by Rin Rio

This poem was written by OngKar Kaur Khalsa on March 23, 2018

Dear Soldier Saint
We Are One.

Rise up dear soldier saint
The Universe commands you.
Wake up
Face your fears
Shed some tears
Get in gear.
Realize the One.

The time is now oh, soldier saint
Hearts are open
Prayers are heard
It’s time to rise to the occasion
To stand tall for all of humankind
The Age of Aquarius
Is calling the soldier saint in us all.
We are One.

The shots have been fired,
The battle’s begun.
But even as we start,
We know we’ve won.
It’s the strength
The grit
The innocence
The purity
In us all that will see us through.
We are One.

Rise up dear soldier saint.
The time is here to
See each other
Hear each other
Smile at each other
Reach out to each other.
We are One.

We stand together
We look evil in the eye
We won’t back down
Our resolve is simple
Our resolve is pure
In this, our soldier saint is sure
Strength to All
Freedom to All
Love to All
Peace to All
We are One.

God will prevail
His Love, Light & Grace
Shall shine through
To the hearts & souls of us all
Dear beloved soldier saints.
We are One.

We thank our enemies
We thank the evil.
For without them,
We would not to our
Destiny be called
To Live it,
Breathe it,
Love it,
Share it
Our soldier saint has been awakened
Victory to All!
We are One!

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  1. Sat Nam very beautiful and appropriate for now.

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