"The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful –Great and Full– that you are alive and you enjoy it"

–Yogi Bhajan

History of the Community

A life journey that began in the late 60s in a world with a strong thirst for transformation, with the urgent need to get up from the mud and learn to live with new principles, new symbols, inside a new body and a cleansed soul

This is the history of Yogi Bhajan, his teachings and his legacy

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Yogi Bhajan and his teachings have a had a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Many of us are blessed to call him our spiritual teacher.

Last experiences

Meditación de 120 días en Narayan Shabad

Meditación de 120 días en Narayan Shabad Del 11 de noviembre de 2022 al 10 de marzo de 2023, la Sangat Global se reunirá para una meditación de 31 minutos…

Citas de Yogi Bhajan sobre la paz (Parte 3)

No tengo nada más que decir, excepto que la felicidad es un derecho de nacimiento y la tranquilidad, la paz y la gracia son los entornos de la misma. Viene cuando…

Yogi Bhajan – Oraciones de fin de clase – 2

Bendita sea mi alma, que como criatura pueda relacionarme con la congregación por la creatividad y agradecer la creatividad de Dios dentro de mí y fuera de mí. Que cada día…


The community is the place to uplift, grow and learn. It is in the sangat that the most transformative experience takes place.

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