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December 1, 1974 |

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Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, Teachers Course, Santa Cruz, California, 1974

You must have one door of your home open where people can call on you, people can trust you, people can get help from you, people can approach you. There are many reasons why people will need to relate to you. The coming times are going to be very hard on the society as a whole. There may be 10 casualties, 50 thefts, 20 robberies, 100 rapes—all that is going on in society. Do you know who is responsible for it? We all are.

All acts of insanity are the responsibili­ty of the sane people, because the sane peo­ple are lazy and they could not spread the wisdom to the insane people, so that they could have some hope.

Society is feeling a great impact and requires comfort from anybody who can give it. The greatest thing on this Earth is to serve the people of God. That is the highest act a man can do for any other man, but it has to be positive—not that you go help somebody and drag yourself down and get into the pit yourself. You have to be very firm, very honest, very constant, very insistent, and very persuasive. And you have to be very sweet, very kind, very serviceful, and very righteous. These two things go together.

You are not on a trip to convert people. That is not your responsibility. But you want to be able to proudly say, “I have comforted 50 people.” Provide people comfort, go into the society, live for people. If God, out of His mercy, has pulled you out of that insanity, then is it not fair for you to serve those who are still suffering?

Try to understand that this is yet the time that you can hold the ground, you can still change the time on this planet. Five years ago I used to say that 1974 would be a lesson, and none of you perhaps believed it. See what 1974 brought for you? It has brought you gas at 69 cents, energy crisis, and every belt is tight, everybody is getting crazy. It is time to have courage, it is time to have will, it is time to have God-conscious­ness. Start making con­tact with people. Don’t sit around becoming gurus.

You have to live like gods. You have to be universal. You have to give people hope! God will do the rest, I can assure you. They are lonely to their death and they have nobody to talk to. You should know who you are. The time is now. It will be too late later on. You’ll not be in a position to do anything. There will be so much insanity that you will be only there to save yourself. It is much better to save the humanity now.      

Has anybody called the hospital and said, “We’ll come if we can be permitted, and we can go around and play music”? Have you gone to senior citizens centers where they are sick and lonely, to give them music and take them food?

Hope is brought to people by people who believe in God and expe­rience God-consciousness. They are the image of hope and they go where there is darkness. One candle is enough to take away dark­ness from a huge area. I have done enough running around and now it is time for you to start doing it, and I am telling you because you call yourselves teachers. This is one of the responsibilities I want to share with you. I’m doing my bit, you have to do yours, and if we all get to­gether, we can do a lot.

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