January 6, 1979 |

As I look back to the college days, I think of him as a zealous boy scout.  I think of him as a sentinel who felt compelled from within to maintain order around himself.  I think of him as a reformer who took upon himself the task of defining and defending social values.  I think of him as a sportsman, who loved and enjoyed teamwork.  I also think of him as a soldier, who never lost, and as a philosopher trying to fathom the unknown. For Yogi Bhajan, the search of himself had begun.  The time to spread his message was yet to come years later, on the far side of the world.

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January 5, 1979 |

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji is the first glorious son of Guru Gobind Singh who approached those Western youth, who were themselves burning with the fire of ignoble passions and groaning under the heavy load of spiritual ignorance and were in utter forgetfulness of the higher needs of their souls. 

He gave them the message of hope, peace, and deliverance, which the Gurus had bestowed upon him.  He preached to them a life of love, goodness and moral endeavor and excellence.  He met them, picked them up, cared for them, loved them and brought them to the feet of his Guru. 

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January 3, 1979 |

“There are three in me.  One is Harbhajan Singh. One is Yogi Bhajan. One is Siri Singh Sahib.  Siri Singh Sahib is a very direct hassler who’ll nail you on the spot.  He’ll find everything wrong with you, analyze you like anything, shatter you like you are nobody.  Yogi Bhajan is that compassionate, analytical, intelligent man who tells you this is this because of that; but it is up to you, son or daughter, do what you want.  Then there is one Harbhajan Singh who will say, “Well, let us all freak out.  Don’t worry, there is no problem in the world. Everything is all right. God and Me, me and God are one’”

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January 2, 1979 |

The first and foremost thing which the Siri Singh Sahib is, was, and shall be, is a teacher.

He never ceases to recognize within himself the responsibility given to him by God and Guru, to share his knowledge, his insights and his perceptions with every being who is brought into his realm of existence.  He has given himself to the service of God and Guru and he has tuned his mental frequency to the Infinite frequency of Guru Ram Das and has given over the use of his mind and body to the purpose so given and guided by his Guru.

He thus personifies the kind of surrender which a spiritual seeker is longing to make.  He doesn’t live for himself.  He lives totally in the consciousness of himself as a humble channel, an instrument through which God and Guru work to achieve their own ends on this earth.

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January 1, 1979 |

By the Grace of God alone, this Commemorative Volume has materialized, for by His Grace alone the man who has come to be known as the Siri Singh Sahib came to the Western World to inspire a generation of seekers.  Through their longing for the Truth, those seekers have marked out a path, it is largely thanks to their pioneering efforts that this historical volume has evolved.

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December 30, 1978 |

As I walked through the street, en route for the first time to the Harimandir Sahib, there grew a welling up inside of me, an inner excitement almost like that of a child on the advent of a special holiday. From deep inside the thought arose, “thousands upon thousands of lifetimes it has taken for this moment,” and my mind at once became very poised and silent.

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August 5, 1978 |

It is your duty to speak the truth to your children, and stand to it. Don’t lie to them, don’t cater to them. Behind the catering, they find your insecurity and weaknesses, which is how they mess you up. When you cater to the child, you are trying to cover up something, and the child has the super-psychic power to see behind it. The moment he uncovers you, he will not respect you. Therefore, it is your duty to be straight with your own born child.

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May 17, 1978 |

If your inside is in turmoil, this meditation will prevent you from dying. It can be done anytime, and its effect will be to calm you, to energize you, and to relax you. This is a very powerful meditation. Prana is life force corresponding to the electron; Apana is eliminating force corresponding to the proton; and Shushmana is the central force corresponding to the neutron. The beauty of this mantra is in the touch of palate and tongue.
Yogi Bhajan said that in the event of an atomic war, radiation will not kill you if your ‘gene aura’ is one inch thick.

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In this story written, by Ravi Har Kaur Khalsa, she imagines what it might have been like to be in the company of the Sangat on Baisakhi Day, 1699.  This story was originally published in Sikh Dharma Brotherhood Magazine in the Summer of 1977

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June 30, 1977 |

Every human being is great, but a good-spirited woman is divine. God created everything, but the power of God flows through a good-hearted woman. Everything is where God is, but God takes birth through the womb of a good-hearted woman. Therefore, a woman may not be God, but she is the gateway of divinity, and any woman who falls below that standard of divinity is only structurally a woman, but not in reality a woman. You can look like a woman, but according to the basic definition of what woman is, that is not true enough. If you make a paper man, it will look like a man, but it won’t be a man. Divinity and dignity—when and where they unite—is called woman.

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