April 13, 1974 |

Baisakhi Day is celebrated as the Anniversary of the day when Guru Gobind Singh first initiated five of his faithful disciples into the Khalsa (the Brotherhood of the Pure Ones.) This year, another historical event took place in Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles, when for the first time in history, an American Sikh participated in administering the Amrit to the nearly 100 Sikhs who had come to receive it.

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January 30, 1974 |

We have been allowed the privilege to serve our God and Guru, who gives us two choices – to live in the territory of space or to live in the territory of grace. Space only robs the self of completeness; grace fills the self with the purity and the total ecstasy of the Holy Nam. Thus, we can enjoy the light of the sun and the sweetness of the moon on this visiting trip of earth.

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November 20, 1973 |

For any thought you want to eliminate, there are two positive ways of doing it. Either you manifest it or you put it in your meditation—no matter how negative it is. It will never let go if it’s in your subconscious mind, because it will become a block there. It will reoccur, it will haunt you. We call them haunting thoughts. The haunting thoughts can be burned in meditation forever.

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October 11, 1973 |

Everybody on this Earth forgives. Forgiveness is the law of the heart center. The heart center, the fourth center of consciousness, is the center of totality.

The prana cleans the blood, oxygenates the blood. The heart beats. All this happens in this ribcage. It is the center of compassion. If one can produce God on this Earth, it is only through compassion. If one can perform miracles, it is all the power of compassion. If one can sacrifice, it is also compassion. If one can be truthful, it is also compassion. If one can be selfless—all good facets of the being are through compassion and that is the heart center. It is the beauty, it is the dignity, it is the ecstasy of the human being.

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October 2, 1973 |

When the question of doubt arises in the minds of people, this in itself is the mark that their curiosity has been aroused…. it takes time to make the doubters, seekers of God.  It is all His Grace and if you work with Him, side-by-side, one in One, then all hassles will seem as interesting challenges and all sorrow will be received as divine blessings toward the growth and progression in Divine Consciousness.  Keep up dear one, and never give an inch but don’t forget the heart that beats with compassion and love of His Holy Name!

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March 21, 1973 |

The head teacher at the Denver, CO ashram resigned in late 1972. Yogi Bhajan contacted me at the December, 1972, 3HO Winter Solstice Sadhana and asked that I fly to Denver to check out the possibility of moving there to fill the vacancy, which I did.

Upon my return, I learned that the Health Department office building had burned to the ground and that there were no immediate plans to rebuild the structure. My wife and I saw this development as a significant indicator of the direction of our destiny, whereupon we put our Orlando residence up for sale and subsequently moved to Denver in February of 1973.

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June 25, 1972 |

Prevail and give peace to every heart, happiness to every heart, and bliss to every mind. Give them the greatest virtue: to meditate on You, and praise You with song and being. Give them the greatest ecstasy, the virtue of Naam, the Holy Naam, Sat Nam. Lead their lives on the path of righteousness unto the Infinity of Your righteousness. Save them from those dark pits.

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June 20, 1972 |

During the 1970-1972 time frame Hari Singh taught Kundalini Yoga classes in the Orange County Jail as a part of an Orange County, Florida initiative called ‘Thee Door’, an anti-drug, youth outreach program of the Orange County Health Department. Hari Singh coined ‘Thee Door’ as the name of the program. During this time, Yogi Bhajan made plans to again visit Orlando on a Florida teaching tour. Hari Singh advised the student inmates well in advance of Yogiji’s possible visit inside the jail, which generated all kinds of excitement. After Yogiji arrived and was granted clearance to enter the jail, he spent almost an hour of quality time with the inmates inside their classroom cell, an experience they long remembered.

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March 24, 1972 |

In one breath when you inhale, you say Sat Nam—in me is the existence of the truth. And you exhale and you say Wahe Guru—I am in ecstasy of that greatness. You run your mind with the cycle of that breath. It doesn’t take a long time to understand that you are in the stage of ecstasy and you have rebuilt your own self. And thus you can capture your mind and subconsciousness into the lotus self of purity. You will have a fragrance in you. As in the rose there is a fragrance, in your human body there shall be a beauty which shall be felt in a vibratory effect by all the people.

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January 30, 1972 |

Arriving in Los Angeles in 1968, Yogi Bhajan began his mission to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, and to help people live healthy, happy and holy lives.  He first established Guru Ram Das Ashram as a yoga center in West Hollywood, and it was here in Los Angeles that Kundalini Yoga in the Western World was born.

In the spring of 1972, the ashram was moved to the current location, a former chiropractic and hydrotherapy office, where it was established as a formal Gurdwara.

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