Faith is Fundamental

November 6, 1979 |

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Listen to this full lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan given on November 6, 1979:

Here is an excerpt:

Without the flow of the spirit and mastery of the spirit, you will never be a happy person. You can have everything else, but without the mastery of spirit, joy will not touch you.

….you need a faith to live and faith to die. Your life will be not happy, if you have no faith to live. Your death will not be happy, if you have no faith to die. You will not be a human, if you have no faith to be a human. Faith is the fundamental! And what is faith?

It is the connection between your radiant body and your physical body. Your radiant body is your tenth body. The connection with the radiant body and your physical body is what constitute the faith. Because when radiant body penetrates outward, it glorifies you. When it penetrates inwards, through the auric body; through the subtle body; through the arc body; into the physical body; then the physical body has no power to stop it. Therefore, it penetrates the mental body and neutralizing it, it enters your soul. That is why you might have been hearing, “I am enlightened”, “so and so is enlightened man”. Enlightened man, remember, is that who is the radiant body, the last body of this body; has inward capacity to contact the spiritual body, which is the nucleus of your whole life. And therefore, the radiant body has the power to radiate outward and as well, to radiate inward. And it is the story of the enlightened one. You don’t “get enlightened”.

You are so crazy, I tell you to wear white cotton and dress always white. You are so crazy, you even can’t do it, and you want to be spiritual. Junk. Something which will give you a connecting filter. You think I am joking. I am not joking. I am just telling you scientifically what you should do. I am talking science; you are talking with me emotions. I am talking fact; you are talking commotions. I am talking with you experience, and you are talking with me neurosis. You are crazy, I know that. I want you not to be. You need some tools for help and the help you can have is that you can do your yoga, you can eat your right food, you can wear your right clothes and you can walk like a person.

…We decide to live our life the way we want to live without understanding that One who created us, created us very beautifully. And the greatest strength we have which gives us the success and the success which can enjoy is our radiant body.  Physical body is just a base, it is a base land. We are talking of the top story, tenth story. Our body is ten story, which are those stories remember? Count.

Physical body is which one? It’s the basement. What is this basement is, spiritual body, mental body, neutral, mental body positive, mental body negative, then comes the physical body and that is the fifth. Then comes the arc body, pranic body, auric body then comes the arc body and then comes the auric body, subtle body, pranic body, radiant body…

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