Fate and Destiny

December 24, 2020 |

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“Destiny comes from our totality, from our Infinite Self. It is given from all the actions, thoughts, blessings and projections that cumulatively compose our lifetimes. But we are a living reality that connects our thoughts and words to the Infinite.

When we can project, surrender, become still, then we co-create that destiny. We can re-write it within our own Infinite Self. This is the power of meditation, Kundalini Yoga and the technology of the Shabd Guru.

The magnetic field on which the current of life runs computes thought waves and it is connected with the Supreme Computer; this [connection] is known as destiny.” ~The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, p. 183

In Kundalini Yoga we share the knowledge and experience that helps us win against the challenge of our fate. In this excerpt Yogi Bhajan shares a unique window into the nature of fate and destiny:

A very special phrase in the Mul Mantra: Akaal Moorat, tells you that life is special. We Sikhs accept life as a gift, an earned gift. It is for the goodness we have done in the past lives. That’s why you are each born with a special talent. There are many people who hate me because I see their special talent. I don’t see the other paraphernalia. And that’s a mistake; forgive me for that. I have not learned yet to look at you [in a normal manner]. Nature has made me blind in one sense: I cannot see you except for your aura, your arcline which is your base, your gift.

You know when you base your life on something, that’s called destiny. And when the light is gone out of you, and the darkness has come, that’s called fate. So you are subject to light and darkness. You are subject to destiny and fate.

One day one of my great students, a Mukhia, left. So, I fell into prayer just as if my child is dead. On that day I became very direct. I said to God, “Look, God, wait a minute, what do you think I am doing? There was nothing wrong with him and he has left the Dharma. He has left everything. Answer me. He has that positive destiny. I saw it. I’m not wrong. Why did this tragedy happen?”

In my prayerful conversation, I saw the destiny of my student. But on that day God was merciful; I also saw fate laughing.

Fate said, “If it is all left to you, I’ll have no work. Keep me busy too.”

I asked, “Fate, why is it so? God gives the destiny.”

And Fate said, “God created me too. I am the test of the academy. Every destiny shall pass through fate. If it crosses, then the person makes it. They qualify their self.”

I said, “How come?”

She said, “Yogi, stop talking with me. Don’t waste your time. Do you remember there is a Yogi Bhajan?”

I said, “Yeah. You are talking about me?”

She said, “I am asking you a direct question. Answer me.”

I said, “Yeah, there is a Yogi Bhajan. I know him well.”

She said, “You don’t know him at all. It is his teaching, and let me quote him, ‘You go to the destiny through the test of fate.’”

I said, “But that’s what the scriptures say.”

She said, “No. The scriptures say it and you said it, too. That is what life is. We always pass through the valley of death to reach the valley of heavens.” And that’s what all life is about. I have yet to see somebody going to a college and not passing the test and then being entitled to a degree. It is exactly the same in the spiritual life. Destiny is granted to you by God, and fate is also given to you by God, to test you.”

And as we were speaking, Fate said a wonderful thing to me.

She said, “Yogi, count the basic steps to God.”

I said, “Saram pad, karam pad, shakti pad, sahej pad, sat pad.”

She said, “I am the master of shakti pad. That realm belongs to me so don’t challenge me.”

Since then, I have been trying to learn and become a student again, to tolerate Fate. And I have actually fallen in love with Fate, because it brings you to a confrontation with all your karma in the shortest time.

~Yogi Bhajan, June 28, 1987

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