Feel in Touch with Your Own Touch

April 22, 1990 |

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April 22, 1990 lecture by Yogi Bhajan at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

“Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh” and “Wahe Guru Ji Ki Ustadee” has been done by Patanjali Rishi in his own Patanjali sutras. Wahe Guru Mantra has been given to us for purposes of our self-exhilaration, self-excellence, and self-achievement. The purpose is not what life offers us. Life offers us a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure, a lot of worries and a lot of happiness. But you must understand one thing which is unique — that whether you are worried or you are happy, it is temporary. You are happy for ten days, you are worried for ten days, you are miserable for 30 days, and you are awfully exaltedly happy for 20 days….it is a matter of days. Life moves on.

You forget that you do not know how to love. Human, so long his Kundalini is dormant… a dormant Kundalini, just accept it, it is a frozen account. You can’t write a check on it. It is there. Bank can acknowledge it. You know it. But there is a lien on it and you can’t draw on it. Now, whether you go through Kabbala or you go through Shastras or you go through Vedas or you go through Koran, or you go through Bible or you go through Siri Guru Granth — for God’s sake, go through something and remove this lien so that you can cash the account! That’s all the meaning of this religion and human life is. Otherwise, you are yo-yo. And if any human tells me today that he loves, it is the biggest lie I have heard in sixty-one years and I’ll continue hearing it. How can you love when you are not yourself?
When the candle in you is not lit… flame is not burning, heat is not powerful… you are not right. You are doing some PR — join some advertising company. God knows everybody. That’s the beauty between man and God. Man can be seduced and brought into a feeling of trust. God knows… Best computer He has got. He knows what kind of love you have and what you want. “I love you God. Give me a buffalo which must give lot of milk.” “I love you God, give me a good wife, give me a good girlfriend.” Look at what we ask God. Even our demands are very limited. We ask God, “Give me a good girlfriend.” And if we don’t ask at the same time, “Give me a checkbook and a balance so that I can take her out to a good restaurant,” and then problems start. “I got a good girl. I can’t take her out.”

So we ask things to create our problems. Our problems are for our asking. I talked to God this morning. I said, “How come world is suffering and you are the Creator?” He said, “Well, I am Creator. They are creators too. They are in my home.” I said, “What do they create?” He said, “They create their own problems.” I said, “How come?” He said, “See? You have a problem. You have to speak at 11:30. Don’t you feel a problem?” I said, “Yeah. I have to go at 11:30. I have to speak.” God said, “That’s a problem. At this time you want to just be in ecstasy and you want to enjoy. Is that true or not?” I said, “That’s true.” He said, “Then get up and go at 11:30 and speak about me, yourself and all of that, but what you are doing right now you know is better, you know is wonderful, but you are obligated not to do it, then go somewhere else.”

And this is how human does. They are obligated to something in ecstasy, in extempo (sic) love and extra flow of life and they feel exotically and totally out of every discipline place and they are afraid, “My God, am I doing something right or is something all wrong?” They even cannot enjoy their ecstasy.

Somebody wants to give something to somebody — he wants to be known. What a shame that is. Known for what? All productivity and values and assessment and flow is that of the earth. That of the earth. You know that. Diamond comes from the earth and dust storm comes from the earth. Earthquake comes from the earth and volcano bursts from the earth. Everything is earth. Now how much you relate to earth and how far you relate to earth, and then you think the heavens are going to receive you? What kind of business is this?

Understand how much you relate to earth, just the five tattwas, and be honest. “Justice for all, equal to everyone.” I mean, you say all that, and our national American oath is, “One God, nation… blah blah blah, justice for all.” What is justice? Five tattwas are feeling so much injustice that you can’t believe it. They are bugging themselves to death. They say, “All right, this guy… earth, earth, earth. Let him come out of the earth. We’ll get him.” And you call it hell? That’s a hell. Relate to ether. After all, ether is in you as good as fire is, as air is, as water is. Why everything earth?

I was reading the bani of Jai Dev. Nirinjan gave it to me and I read it. I read it twice, and I read it thrice. It was praan kachee mudra, the most sacred mudra of yoga. And Jai Dev said: “I inhale through left nostril…” this is his language, not a word from me. “I hold it for sixteen Gurmantras.” That is, Wahe Guru, Guru mantra. You say Wahe Guru is a Trikurti Mantra. It is a Shivastan mantra. It is a mantra of deliverance. And anybody who wants the deliverance has to have a deliverance mantra. If he doesn’t, he will be destroyed. God is Generating, Organizing, Destroying, or Delivering. The “D” has two parts. Either you deliver yourself or you destroy yourself. Period. And for that there is a Shiva. Shiva from whose hair, from whose Rishi Knot comes the Ganges, the river of immortality, and infinity and all that. But he has a cobra around his neck. So what do you want? Get it what you want. But you are still hung up on Mickey Mouse. How can you get from Mickey Mouse? You have to travel from Mickey Mouse in to Shiva in
consciousness, and understand it fully well.

Well, what I’m saying is that what Bhagat is saying: “I inhale through my left nostril. I hold it sixteen Guru Mantras, and I exhale through my right nostril.” Period. And then what he says? “God became me, God loved me.” He doesn’t say that “I” did anything for him. He said, “I only did this, and then all this came.” Now why those who worship Siri Guru Granth and call it a living Guru cannot understand the instructions? And why we cannot adapt it and why we cannot experience it? If Bhagat Jai Dev can do this and do it and explain it, is it something for us not to follow?

The problem is not how you want to follow. Problem is that it is said and done. You don’t have a patience. You want the top of it. You don’t want to grow a posture of green grass and you don’t want to grow an alfalfa, and you don’t want to feed your cows, and you don’t want to nurture them, and then you don’t want to milk them and then you don’t want to make a yogurt. But you want butter. Now that’s the main problem.

There is a procedure in life. Life is procedural. Moses said, “Obey the laws.” Moses said so. Now was Moses crazy that he wanted you to obey the law? Because he knows without law you cannot live. That’s what he said. Then Bible gave you ten commandments. It could have given you one commandment, or twenty commandments. But actually, if you read the whole Bible… it’s a history — Biblica of time and space which tells you how life grew… so that you can learn. It’s a gospel truth. It happened. God rested one day. You don’t. Period. Is that true? God rested one day. Complete. He didn’t even burn His fire. He didn’t do one thing, right? Sabbath. Isn’t that what they say? Now how many people can just rest one day? Rest physically one day? They can’t even rest mentally one day! Rest? Rest your body, rest your mind, and rest your soul. Play one day with your soul. Just take it. I’m not talking one day — I’m talking one hour. 31 minutes. 11 minutes. 7 or 8 minutes. “Garee aadee, garee aadee
zaidee aad.” Just talk to your soul for just few seconds. Just acknowledge it. Just say, “Thank you. Because of you in me, I am what I am.”

Everybody says, “I am. I am Bhagwan. I am God. I am His Holiness.” Well, what about your holes? Nobody is anybody, and everybody is anybody. Because the acknowledgement and the flow of the soul is the purpose of life. Somebody said, “What should I do with my soul?” I said, “Put your foot up and look at it. That is where the sole is.” “Well, what that will do?” I said, “If you can be just humble that on this sole you stand on the earth, perhaps you will understand something else.” What should I do? You are totally dumb. You don’t have a brain. You have a stone.
Somewhere, just to feel touch with your own touch.

And I think what Bhagat Jai Dev is saying, that in Siri Guru Granth, in his bani, that if you just hold the breath and recite sixteen times Guru mantra… In this world there are Solaa Kalaa. There are sixteen energies: “Solaa Kalaan Sampuran”… to perfection there are sixteen energies, sixteen facets. He says, feel and experience. And he illustrates that you will be complete in Solaa, you will be Solaa Kalaa Sampuran. You will be perfect in sixteen facets. And lucky is there. He didn’t say ‘do it’… even I am saying, “Do it for an hour.” So, he didn’t say that. He said, “Just do it.” I mean, he knew that you are so nasty about doing good things through yourself.

The problem is very psychological. Problem is we want to be recognized. There are two ways to get recognized. Either doing good… If you want to do good, you have to have a lot of goods to do good because on earth, earth is recognized and ether is not… or you have to be nasty. You have to create a trauma.

If you use fire tattwa… if you believe in ether, then you have to be lofty and uplifting. If you believe in air, you have to be communicating. Harmony, music, kirtan… this is air faculty. If you have to be the warmth, love, affection, that is the fire. Or, trauma, drama, neurosis, psychosis. Whatever that is. And if you want to be just water, either you have to be humble, gracious, beautiful and wonderful, or else undercut, obnoxious, snake in the grass. If you are earth, you want to be recognized or you want to recognize. That’s the worst of all. And then in the end they put you down there and say, “Dust to dust.”

Wow, look at this! They do not say, “Shalom to shalom.” They do not say, “Ram to Ram.” They do not say, “Hari to Hari.” They do not say, “Allah to Allah.” They do not say one word. They recognize you. They say, “Dust to dust.” That’s what you are, and guess what baby. You are sitting in this coffin. And then they say, “Why, you know, he was a great man and we spent $15,000 on his funeral.” Even your death has a price. Is that what a man is all about? No! Man is much more. Man is an ambassador, a representative of the light of God.

I was just talking to somebody this morning. The result was, “I am super miserable, Yogi ji.” Now just understand that. “I am, super miserable, Yogi, Ji.” I said, “It is so wonderful to hear this. At least somewhere you are super.” I said, “It’s fantastic if you are super miserable. Then hallelujah. Enjoy it. God is with you. All you have to see is in a super. You don’t have to see which way is the super.” And he said, “What are you saying?” I said, “If you are super miserable, one day you can be super happy. All you have to know is ‘super.'” I said, “You know how many people are born and they will die without knowing what ‘super’ is?” He said, “How many?” I said, “99.5%. You are in the half percent who knows what ‘super’ miserable is. Now, baby boy, you just start working to be a little better, and try to be little less super and just miserable, and then not miserable, and then a little happy and then a little more happy and then super happy, and the deal is done.
Half of the journey is done. Half remains.” And he said, “Is there a quick solution to it?” I said, “Yeah. There’s nothing good and nothing bad. Thinking makes it so.”

First line of Guru Nanak: “Sochai soch na hovaee je sochee lakh vaar. Chupai chup na hovaee je laa-eh rahaa liv taar. Bhukhiaa bhukh na utaree je bannaa pureeaa bhaar. Sahas siaanappaa lakh ho-eh ta ik na chalai naal…”

Millions of strategies and schemes and covetousness we think. “Bandaa jore palee paleet te Raam roraa-eh kulpaa.” Man drop by drop collects and he puts the whole bowl out. So much out that one day in your ecstasy of your totality, with all your collections of the earth and heavens that you think you have created, the most secure environments — up there switch goes off and you go out. Have you understood? At that moment you do not know…the greatest tragedy of life is at that moment you do not know where you are going.

So what you want to do on this earth? Become holy? No. Become saintly? No. Work! “Karam kar ful kee yaatchana”. Entire Gita. Krishna said in the first form, “Arjan, karam kar ful kee yaatchan…..” “Work and work well, and don’t expect the fruit. That, I’ll decide. If you are willing to have that relationship, Arjan, this is what I am telling you.”

What we do? We don’t want to work, and ‘Ful Kee Yaatchana,” is too much. We want fruit first. If God gives me a twenty-nine bedroom house with eighteen bathrooms, then I’ll make one room for the gurdwara. Now look at the proportion. And if He gives me sixteen maids to clean that house and work it all out, then I’ll do the prakash and Sukhasan your father will do? No. That’s not in the scheme.

Our dealing with God is so nasty, so unrealistic, so totally bizarre. I mean, sometime I’d like you, when you pray, to record it for God’s sake, and sit down and analyze it what you are asking and get out of all miseries. Do not pray if you do not want to pray. “Bin booliaa sat kuj jaanaa”. God knows everything. Just tell Him, “Do whatever. You do it quick.” I think that’s the best prayer. The best prayer is, “Hey, now you have created me. It is Your responsibility. Good and bad is Your shame. However, if You want to do something nice today with me, do it fast.” I mean, that’s the kind of prayer. It’s very first person and it’s totally American. There is absolutely no Oriental in it. And if He wants to eat pizza, go ahead.

You think that you eat. You think you eat? He doesn’t eat in you? You think you live? He doesn’t live in you? It is a relationship that has to be established between you and God on a very direct lineage. It is a Golden Chain. That’s what it is. Entire Bhagatee, entire worship, entire prayer, entire universe will give you Shakti, power. Power to do what? To have a relationship with the Infinity. Bhagatee will give you Shakti. It will have a relationship with Infinity and when you have relationship with Infinity, your act will be nobility. And that’s the proof.

It is your nobility which will be most worshipped, remembered, exalted and uplifted. Not your nuisance. It doesn’t make any sense. Characteristically we are born in the image of God and we have the dormant power in us. We have to awaken that power, and awaken that power towards a certain thing. If we want to do it with Shakti Yog… you want to unite powerfully… you have to do Bhagatee. You do Bhagatee, you have many ways to worship that power within you. You don’t have to go outside to do that. There’s no reason.

If you would not have been right, you would not have come to the Guru’s house. When man becomes one with God, he explores the grace of God and spreads it. When God becomes one with man, he guides him to the Guru’s house.

Those who have gone to synagogue today, those who have gone to temple today, those who have gone to mosque today, those who have gone to church today, those who have gone to Guru’s house today, they have just been blessed. Whether they go there to see who is beautiful, and who is wearing what, and what dress is what, or they are going to make some business earthly deal — that is another karma., But God did His job. God invoked and uplifted their body and directed their soul energy and their mental power to take them meditatively to a place, “Saad sangat aaye mil baite, har paa-iaa, har samiaa subhay.” Simple line, huh? It’s a simple line. When you sit in the congregation of the holy, in the presence of the holy, in the presence of the holy, then you find ‘Har’ and ‘Har’ prevails… God prevails in thee.

That is why we are very grateful to Guru Nanak that he gave us an ever presiding Guru, Siri Guru Granth. Word. In the beginning there was word, word was with God, and word was God. When I come and I bow, I bow to the word of God. That’s open. It’s there. What is the difference? You go to a synagogue… I was watching that day a very old movie. The man was very conquering and whole thing, and he killed the rabbi. He opened the door. He thought there is a huge wealth. All he found is little Torah. He was ashamed. Then why he killed him? What he was guarding? For this little paper? Then deciding factor came. He had two choices. Either give that Torah to the second rabbi, or to put it in the fire. He chose to give it to the rabbi. His consciousness woke up. God came through. He recognized that if a man can give his life for this, there shall be something in it, and it is not that I should put it to fire and burn it to ashes. That is not right. He understood. That is what feelings are.
His desire was at that time, “They are my enemies. They deserve destruction.” Yes, he was the conqueror. “Whosoever raises his voice — he shall go unto the sword.” Correct. But even that man, conqueror as he was, walked into the temple on the horse as he was, insulted everybody as he was doing, and killed the man who put his hand and said, “Don’t go in. There is the word of God.” He never listened. Put the sword through. Made him dead on the spot. But when he walked in, all he saw was a piece of paper rolled into tube thing, which he couldn’t even read. He brought it and he said, “This is it?” “Yes.” Then he looked at the fire, the flame was burning and he could have put it in that. Instead of that, he gave it to the rabbi. He won the heart of faith and he won the heart of God.

It’s not true. In the eyes of God, it is that kindness, that compassion, that ultimate act of your uplifting and sparing somebody which matters — not how many you killed. That’s your darkness. How many people you conned, how many people you lied to, how many people you cheated — these are your actions. These are your ropes. These are your chains with which you are tying yourself. These are your attachments. These are your faculties. This is your creation. On how many thoughts you are hung up? That’s your privilege. There is only thought, “Are you hung up on God and have you a communication with Him alone? Do you feel He is with you?” And do you believe to be a Sikh? Or have you learned one line: “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” and have you recognized one line, “Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh”? Victory is not yours. Victory is God’s. So make the victory worthy of God. Don’t make the victory worthy of you. If you are going to win and there’s a chance for victory, let that victory be worthy of God.

What is the idea, you go to a king and you give him a stinking food — you’ll be beheaded because the stinking food is not worthy of a king. You cannot do it because that’s a gross situation where action will be taken on the spot. With God, it is a subtle situation. Action will have reaction. Karma you have to pay. “Karamee aapo aapanee ke nerai ke door. Jinee naam dhyaaeeaa ghae masakat ghaal. Nanak te mukh ujalee kete chhutee naal.” You cannot escape karma. Action sequence must lead to consequences. This is a law in which God, Himself, is bound. So cause no cause and start no sequence for which you do not want to face the result.

And if you are a Sikh of the Guru, then believe all that you do should be the victory, and victory must be a deserving victory which you can present to God. They say when a man stands before a man, his eyes must look into his eyes. Then you can decide whether it is a truth or a lie. Then when you’ll stand before God, you’ll stand before God with your eyes into His eyes so God must know He belongs to you and has belonged to you all along, and you can also not feel any fear. You also feel you belong to God and exactly face to face you say, “Hello, father,” and He can say, “Hello, son.”

If all earthly relationships do not lead you to that experience, then you shall fail. If you do not know how to look into eyes and say, “I am, I am,” and you can’t say it here, then you cannot say it there. “Ye aitay paire oh lorai paire.” Those who are bad in the village are bad in the capitol. Things don’t change. If you cannot, on the earth, say, “I am God’s man,” you cannot say it there, “I am Your man.” If you cannot represent God here, you cannot represent God there.

Question is: the senses are given to you, the feelings are given to you to experience that sense of Oneness. That is yoga, that is union, that is oneness. And you waive it, with up and down. Do you know how you make the cloth? The cloth, you know, the length goes up and down. Double length. And in between goes the width. And then you press it and line by line you make the cloth. You do it with a machine, faster. You move the hand, it’s called “kaddee”. Kaddee means you make a dip in the earth and you put your legs on it to run up and down, and you do with the hands and do all that. “Eh Thaanaa Peitaa.” In the spiritual world it’s called ‘tantra.’ Thaanaa peitaa. Length and width. And weaving is called ‘tantra.’ Tantra means your action and reaction must have a wavelength to the frequency of unity and oneness of the strength in which infinity is realized and nobility is practiced. Now this is tantra. Simple, scientific science, hey? Now, this is an energy. You can use this for
uplifting your soul. You can use it for your mind projection or you can do just for physical pleasure. If it is a physical pleasure, a physical bondage and all that, then it becomes a black tantra. If you do it for physical pleasure and all that stuff, it becomes red tantra. If you want to use it for the uplift of the soul, it becomes white. It is up to your choice. Sword is a sword. Whether you can cut with it and defend somebody, or you can murder somebody who is innocent. Sword is not going to ask you. It is not the tool. It is the fool which is dangerous.

And what is a religion today? Bifurcation of the tools. Somebody’s carrying an ancient tool. Somebody is carrying a mono-tool. Somebody is carrying a new tool. Somebody is carrying so many things. And everybody thinks he’s the best.

You know once this fish, you know, they’re called pokerpoint, or something. I don’t know how to pronounce the little thing. What do they call those little things? Well, they were dancing around these little shrimps. A school of shrimps was going. They were eating and having a fun. So one of them was a wise fish. He said, “Just leave it. We have eaten. Let us not be greedy. Get away from here.” The other said, “No, no, no, we have a wonderful big school and we are going to eat the whole stuff. Don’t tell us this.” He said, “Okay.” Then all were just following it and then somebody just laid a huge net, because they wanted to pick up the shrimp. So when they picked up the shrimps, the fish all got into the net. And they started curling and having fun, and somebody said, “Are you enjoying?” They said, “We do not know. We can’t even breathe.” Because they were separated from their love — water. Their whole life, their play, their eating, their fun, totally got lifted out
of the window when they were in the net. Humans were enjoying, “Oh God, we got a big haul. Look at this!” Somebody’s loss was somebody’s gain. Somebody was extremely unhappy, somebody was extremely happy.

Now this is happiness you are talking about? Shrimps were unhappy, pokerpoints were unhappy. Men were happy. That you call is happiness? It IS happiness. That’s all your soul and energy is up to, creating a happiness, a newness of it, and creating a drama and a trauma to just understand the situation? And you collaborate your all tattwas and all your feelings and all your desires and your wonderful brain to create a moment and make a striking point neurotically or very wisely. Will you not ever learn how to live in peace and tranquility, in nobility and dignity, and let the time flow? Let time relate to you.

Folks I am going to be sixty-one years old. And it is God’s grace I live. I have talked to people. Sometimes it shocks me. That’s why I’ve started calling people earthlings. They’re not human. They don’t know to talk the human language. They know the language, they know the English, they know how to make a point. They understand it but they don’t know how to speak. They talk but there’s no juice in it. There’s no elevation. There’s no uplifting. Not a thing. It’s a dirty bargain. It’s a dialogue which you cannot even relate to. That’s why you can’t remember. And mostly you see me — it’s not that I’ve gone senile and old. I do ask somebody, “What’d he say?” Well, I want to know what this person is saying. It’s deadly amazing. It doesn’t make sense.

When you talk, in your talk, there’s a minus God. Your talk is a very minus talk. I’m not saying, “Put God into everything.” I’m saying, when it has that touch, that elevation, that cognizance, that standard, that YOU talk as God’s representative. You have that ‘hu’; you have that ‘man’ and you have that time being — when you are talking with that hu and with that mind, that makes you human, nothing else.

What is the choice? If somebody greets me very humbly, what is my choice? I say, “God bless you.” Well, he got away with something. Because every action has a reaction equal and opposite. This is Newton’s Third Law and this is Avagavan and this is law of karma. This is law of creation. This is law of God. Otherwise, “Jap.” Either you repeat the Name of God or you repeat your lives — 8.4 million lifetimes, right from that little snail to all the way, folks. Thou shalt go in a circle.

That’s why the Jews made the Star of David. At least it has corners. They were very wise. When they reached their consciousness they did not make the circle. They made the stars up and down. They said, “There are two trines.” There are two triangles, mind you. Understand this Star of David. It is a very wise symbol. It is their religious symbol. It is not taken out of commotion because Jesus went on Cross so cross became the symbol. Period. But if you just don’t think cross is a cross, it is also a human dug in the earth, so it means death to those who are stuck so deep in earth.

What is the cross? When they put you on the cross, they tie you up and they put it in the ground. That’s why the symbol, it’s become the symbol. But however, look at the Star of David. They took a square and cut it into two triangles, and one triangle they put up, one triangle they put down. In congregation relationship. That’s the point — over one another. So you must understand, when you are blocked… what it says is, when you are blocked, go up and look at it down. That’s what it says. And they say it is a wisdom. Now who can deny this gospel truth? But if you go to a religion and ask them to explain the Star, they say, “It is a holy Star of David.” Well, they are getting into the personification of it. They don’t understand. Idiot, when you are in trouble, go up and look down, and you’ll be out of it. It is such a simple message. “No, It’s holy. It’s wonderful.” My God, can you do that? But what it means? “I don’t know.” Go and ask the rabbi. Rabbi will tell you twenty stories and take up three
hours, but still not explain why there are two triangles in that, and why they are congruent. He addresses a congregation. He is in charge of congregation. But he cannot say why in David’s Star there are two congruent triangles. Poor man doesn’t know.

Even sometime reality has to be explained, as a child has to be made to understand how to walk, so the student walks. That’s why without Guru… “Je so chandaaou gu-ay sooraj hoaazaar, aithay chaanan houndiaa, gur bin ghor andhaar.” There may be hundreds and thousands of suns and millions of moons. Even with all that light, without Guru is darkness because Guru means “who takes from darkness.” “Who guarantees you this.” And what a blessing it is that we have shabad Guru!

You know, in every man’s life comes a moment… When we went to India first time, all of a sudden in one and a half days it was decided that some people would take Amrit and baptize themselves. So, they will go to Akal Takhat. So we just started as a procession and I was just leading the procession. And then thought came to me. When I came to the steps, I stopped. I said, “Now folks, go up, yourself.” “Why? Lead us to it.” I said, “No. Nobody led me to it. Here you have to go individually. I have brought you to the steps. My job is finished. Hallelujah! Now, Sat Nam. Wahe Guru. Jehovah. Ciao. Whatever you want to say, it doesn’t matter to me. Now babies and boys, you’ve got to go through this step yourself. My job is to tell you these are the steps, now. Now take these steps.” They went up, twenty-six of them. It is a recorded history. After some time, Jethadar of Akal Takhat came down. “Yogiji, what are you doing down here?” “I’m sitting here waiting for those kids. They have gone up to take Amrit.” He said,
“You please come and explain to them.” I said, “What is there?” “They are fighting.” I said, “How is it they are fighting? They are taking Amrit.” “No, no, the ladies say, ‘We are going to put turban on. We are Khalsa now.’ They have already become Khalsa.” I said, “How lucky you are. You’ve never had an occasion like this. You see, it is the first time you have the experience to deal with the Americans. See what they are doing to you?” He said, “But how… what should we do?” I said, “Give them the turbans. If they say, ‘we are Khalsa,’ then they are Khalsa. If they are going to tie turbans, they are going to tie turbans.”

And they wanted him to read Gurbani and they wanted to follow. They said, “You read a Japji and we will read with you.” They never knew one word of it. They said, “Well, we’ll read, too. So they read slowly. You can’t read quickly.” It took hours and hours to do that.

This is how it was read, “Ik…..Ong…..Kaar…..” and everybody said, “Ik…..Ong…..Kaar…..” Whole five banis were read slowly word by word. And I remember later on when I met those people who gave Amrit, their jaws were absolutely swollen. They had never done for hours that kind of mashakat. And I said, “Jinee naam dhyaaeeaa gay mashakat ghaal… today they have read Japji. Today they have read Anand Sahib. Today they have read Chaupai. Today they have read Sohila. Today they have read Kirtan Sohila. Today they have read five banis as they should be read!”

Now otherwise what we read? Shower is on and the gentleman is under, “Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam,” (said in a very fast and slurring voice). And by the time the “Slok, Pavan Guru Pani Pitaa,” and then shower is closed, the man is clothed, the Japji is done. What a wonderful idea. This is not your fault. You don’t understand. Between talu — that is the upper palate under the hypothalamus — there are 84 meridian points in two rows, like that of the teeth, and on those meridians this tongue as a lingum moves in a permutation and combination when you speak and it is that stimulation which settles the pattern of your neurons and your body energy and your subtlety, and brings ether to you so that you can always remain uplifted and never feel down.

That is why as many praans we take… we take fifteen praans per minute average. A simple thing, you must understand. In one minute we inhale and exhale fifteen times on average. So in other words, we on average day, take four seconds for breath and each time when you inhale and exhale, you say, “So Hung.” That is the sound created by breath. Whether you say it out loud or not, that doesn’t make a difference. You say it, irrespective. Whether you are in an okay position or in a position in a hospital, even then you breathe. You create that sound. That is what goes with the prana.

If you take fifteen breaths per minute and you multiply them and make them into… and if you take one year, 365 days, and divide that into hours, and then into minutes, you’ll be shocked. The Sutras in Siri Guru Granth and the sutras of your breath of one year are exactly same in number. If you add leap year, you will add Raag Mala. If you don’t want to add leap year, don’t add it. Now such a mathematical relation, and now they say, “We should read Raag Mala or not?” What is it you are reading? You are reading so many pages — one page is going to hurt you? No, it’s not whether that page hurts or not, it is just to create a doubt on the Guru. “Is Guru perfect, or is Guru not?” That’s all it is.

“Is Raag Mala from Guru Nanak or not?” I said, “Raag Mala? Guru Nanak may put any mala. What is wrong with you? It’s a Guru.” “Whether you want to take Amrit in this way or that way. No, we take Amrit this way or that way.” We take Amrit as Guru Gobind Singh’s sons and daughters. We didn’t tie a turban on our head because we are in a boutique business. We tie turban because that’s the way Guru was. If I want to show my face, I want to show my face as God gave me. That’s the way I want to have my face with God. I didn’t make my nose, my eyes, my ears, my beard, my all that stuff. He made it. I just keep it. I have no duality with it. There are simple things and simple things have to remain simple. For whom do I want to look beautiful? I want to look beautiful to my Guru and my God. Period! If I love Nanak, I will love Nanak. I will look like Nanak. I want to be like Nanak. Isn’t it something? “…so bhe korah bhotanee to torah torah?” On a father goes the son. On a horse goes the jeans. May not be totally, but
little by little.

When you love somebody, you want to become somebody. When you love God, you’ll become God and that’s the experience. When you love maya, you’ll become maya. Religion is not a very complicated affair. It’s a simple reality which cannot be practiced with complicated dialogue.

When I went this time to the Vatican, they said, “Well, we want to have a dialogue with the Sikhs.” I said, “On what?” “Well, we want to dialogue with you. You are one of the major religions.” I said, “First of all, you only recognize four religions. You don’t recognize us. You recognize Jews, you recognize Muslims, you recognize Buddhists, and you recognize Hindus. You don’t even recognize us. Now what ‘dialogue’? I know what dialogue is, that you think there are Christians and then non-Christians. That’s it. That’s the dialogue. Now this is the dialogue you have to do.” And I said to them, I said, “I am Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma of Western hemisphere. You have forgotten. You live in Rome. You have forgotten. There is a coliseum. There is where you were fed to lions. You have forgotten. You have forgotten what you went through.” I said, “You are doing exactly the same thing.”

In India the trains are very full, so when trains move people jump up on the train and try to catch on handle. Somebody who is already handed with the handle, will try not to let him handle. You know why? He doesn’t want another person. So when he comes and holds the handle, gets on the train, it starts moving and another person comes running, he wants him not to come. He says, “No, no. Fun.”

I said, “You Christians, Catholics, who were put here on stakes and were eaten by lions, have forgotten those days. And I am Siri Singh Sahib of the Sikhs, and this is a religion,” I said, “which shall be more than you. It is our prophecy that we shall be 960 million people we will be… 906, whatever that number is.” I said, “Tell me, in 1990 years ago, where were the Christians?” “What are you talking about? What dialogue you want? What dialogue you expect?” I said, “I have the courage to go and meet the Pope because he’s the head of your religion and I’m head of mine. I have the courage and the guts to go and meet him. Does he have the guts to come and meet me? No, your rules do not permit.” I said, “You don’t measure religion by reality of spirit. You measure religion by the congregation strength and the bigger temple it is and how many people it is.” I said, “What is the difference between you and a businessman? And what is the difference between you and me? You are
forgetting. I am also in the same business you are.” “Well, what you do as a business?” I said, “I take you away. I am bartering my truth to wake you up. I am the one who has come. You never came to me.” “No, we sent the Father so and so to see you.” I said, “That is very kind, because it’s very difficult to ignore me.” I said, “You don’t have to send anybody to me. You should all go to Coliseum early in the morning, 7:00, and meditate there and say to God, ‘It happened to our men. Let it not happen to the entire earth. Let there be peace.’ ”

That is what Earth Day is about, folks. That we are prostituting our mother planet earth. That is how sick we have gone. That’s what obnoxious bastards we have become as humans. We are cutting the lung of the mother earth and we are calling it absolutely profitable civilization. 70,000 acres or 700,000 acres… whatever the number was today, it was a fact on CNN, whatever that number was, but quite a large number… that many acres of forest is taken away from United States every year, and not replaced. All this bogacity of re-treeing themselves and reforesting is absolutely a lie. That’s all it is about. There is so much pollution man has created that earth has become his outhouse and it is stinking. And here in Los Angeles everybody is coughing and everybody’s nose is running. They say, “No, it is pollen.” No, no, no, they created it. They spent money on it. 36 or 37 million dollars, in the name of one little fly they cannot handle, they are going to kill everybody here. And when there will be no people,
who’ll eat their fruit?

Look at the progressiveness of the man. The most civilized in 1990. They do not understand why God created the Rain Forest. If these forests will be taken away, folks, the carbon dioxide which these trees… it is their food. As oxygen is our food, carbon dioxide is their food. That will be in surplus and that will eat you all up. You’ll have nothing to breathe. Isn’t it a day today to wake up to that reality? But you may just wake up here for that one minute, but then you’ll go back out and do the same thing. After 200 years you have polluted United States so unitedly that it has become non-recoverable.

Are you afraid of God? If somebody comes in your house and messes it up, will you like to have that guest a second time? Will you love him to come and visit? No you won’t. And you are messing the House of God. He gave you planet earth. You are messing it up to the point… and you say, “We are holy. We are heavenly. We are human.” How much you can lie about it?

Start looking at His creation as part of Him. Start respecting it and loving it. And start being gentle and kind. You don’t have to do any other exercise. You’ll be fine. Start seeing the spirit and soul of every human being. Look bright and beautiful and saintly. Represent God. Be His ambassador. Be self-appointed. You don’t need a degree. Talk divine, live divine, be divine. These are the karmas, and these karmas when they become elevated, lofty, lifting, then it becomes Dharma. Dharma is answering the call of light to a delightful way to represent the Creator, God, and that’s the meaning of “Ik Ong Kar.”

When you do not forget the One then you don’t forget His creation and then you don’t forget His creativity. That One Creator has created this world and that is what Nanak said 520 years ago and today his time has come and now you are celebrating Earth Day. He said so. It took you 520 years to listen. Now you are trying not to pollute yourself and not to pollute the earth.

A consciousness has set in, a time has started, and there shall be a growth. Mankind will live in nobility, peace and tranquility, and that’s the reality. It’s not anybody’s affair. It is everybody’s affair. We are all part of One, and One is part of all.

It’s my prayer that we must guide ourselves to that righteousness.

I hope those who live in Los Angeles… it is a city of angels… you will live like angels. And you’ll breathe with filters. And you will have a nice day. It is my prayer and my request that you have an obligation to create a lot of joy, a lot of happiness, a lot of elevated self so that the pollution can be counteracted with a joy and body and in being so that you can feel wonderful and healthy.

With these blessings and with these prayers, may your life be very fulfilled and noble. I wish you the best of luck and time. Be prosperous, be generous, be kind and be compassionate. Walk like angels, complete and perfect, pure in your piety, and God shall walk with you.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

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