Giaan Chakra Kriya

Yogi Bhajan at the London Ashram

Excerpt from February 19, 1996 Meditation Course by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, in London, England

“Wealth does not guarantee prosperity. Wealth has a purpose, it can help you to guide your life comfortably, that does not mean you are prosperous. The sign of a person who is prosperous, he is from dawn to dusk, one can create harmonious, creative and clearing atmosphere. Undisturbed mind, unworried personality and flawless character…

So is there some method we have that we can get out of our requirements, where we can falter and we have a method of the falter not. If we decide that we live in life without fault then we have to live life without emotions and feelings and without corruption. We have to live a life in which we trust ourselves and make ourselves trustworthy, that will bring us prosperity and that is the ten percent of the people who in self-indulgence bring on to them trustworthiness that relationship which is trustworthy, worth it a relationship, which can be creative, relationship which can tell the whole world how precisely precious you are.

A relationship between you and yourself where one to ensure the entire group and every other human being, you are trust worthy. You can be tested, you can be trusted and you will come through, I am not saying you should not be selfish, you should be selfish to not lose your grace. You should be selfish not to lose your integrity. You should be selfish not to let lose your dignity, you should be very, very, selfish, not to lose your reality.

So why, what is the, what is the simple thing which we can do that we can be prosperous? Anybody knows? You have read so many books, you have listened you have gone everywhere, anybody knows? One or two lines which can guide your life from today onwards.”

~The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Here is the full video of this class.  During this class, the Siri Singh Sahib teaches the Giaan Chakra Kriya for Prosperity, to rid anger and anti-arthritis

Here is a video with Nirvair Singh describing how to do the Giaan Chakra Kriya


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    • Sat Nam, this is such a wonderful Kriya to connect with the ethers and manifest the realm into earth.
      Thank you for your comment,
      Wahe Guru

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