Gurdwara Lecture: A Science of Reality

September 22, 1991 |

Categories: Yogi Bhajan Lectures

Yogi Bhajan often said his teachings were meant for the Aquarian Age and wouldn’t be fully comprehended by those listening at the time, but by their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Throughout his lectures he references things in the future, and many of them have come to fruition. For example, his reference to information overload and the age of the Internet, his agonizing anticipation of the events which took place at the Golden Temple in 1984, and his observation of the Earth’s axis shifting. These and other things he described have come to fruition. In these lectures, he discusses the future of humanity, political systems, women’s rights, marriage and much more.

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In this lecture in New York, NY on September 22, 1991, he speaks to the coming generation and says that in 500 years people will understand.  Man is born to intuitively know his tomorrow…..

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