Guru Dev Singh Khalsa – a Saint of Rome and Italy

April 12, 2021 |

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On May 2, 1997, Yogi Bhajan made the following proclamation about Guru Dev Singh Khalsa of Rome, Italy (originally from Mexico):

Whereas, by his healing presence, by the depth of his courage and selfless service, by his conscious commitment to uplifting and healing others, by his demonstrated ability to give others hope and happiness, and by his serving the principle of Oneness, the time has come to openly and honestly acknowledge his effort:

Therefore, to acknowledge his selfless service in the name of Guru Ram Das, and his service to the mission of Guru Ram Das, I Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, under the Direct Will of God and Guru hereby proclaim that:

Guru Dev Singh Khalsa of Rome Italy shall be known as a Saint of Rome and Italy.

I so confirm under the hand and seal of my office, this 2nd day of May, 1997.

See the original proclamation document here.

“Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan transitioned at 10:30 am on April 5, 2021 in his beloved San Cristobal de Las Casas, in Chiapas . Mexico. His legacy and gift to the world is Sat Nam Rasayan. Even though ill in the last few years of his life he embodied grace and courage teaching, “Many speak of courage; speaking cannot give it. It’s in the face of death we must live it, “and so he did, Guru Dev was compassionate and strong as steel, steady as stone. He lived and gave his life true to God and Guru, mind and soul, breath and bone.”  ~SNR/The Center for Contemplative Awareness

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