Guru Ram Das Mantra

November 2, 2020 |

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This version of the Guru Ram Das mantra was composed for Yogi Bhajan in the final stages of his Earthly life.
It was meant to create a soothing and comforting environment.
Guru = That which removes the darkness from you
Wahey Guru = The ultimate Guru, God. Amazing beyond comprehension.
Ram = One of the myriad names of God
Dass = Servant (of God)

This is a mantra which has many purposes and many outcomes.
You can use it for comfort in times of stress and pressure.
You can call on Guru Ram Dass when you are in need.
You can let Guru Ram Dass take care of any problem.

Guru Ram Dass is a great healer.
Guru Ram Dass is no longer in a physical body. It is now his full time job to answer prayers.
Guru Ram Dass was the fourth Guru of the Sikh Path. But we don’t think of Saints, Sages, and Guru’s as belonging to any group or path. They just are who they are, and their light and wisdom is available to all. Like sunlight.

It’s just like when you ask a friend, “Do you know a good car mechanic who can help me with this problem?” They say, “Sure, I know a guy (or gal).
“You don’t care what school they went to, or where they grew up, or what they look like. All you want is to be hooked up to someone who can actually help you. You want to know “a guy”.

Guru Ram Dass is the one who can help.

Forget about religion, atheism, my path, your path. It doesn’t apply here. If you go to a car mechanic, you will pay for services rendered. How do you pay Guru Ram Dass? You pay by chanting and praying. You are giving time and energy to vibrate the mantra. That’s the only price. Give it a try.

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