Happiness is not the Satisfaction of Emotions and Feelings

June 11, 1998 |

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Listen to this full video lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, given on June 11, 1998, or read the excerpts below.

“….Happiness is human birthright. Happiness is not which you can buy or sell. Happiness is not the satisfaction of emotions and feeling. Happiness is your own integrity before your own feeling, before your own self. Happiness is your own fulfillment of your honor and grace…

It is amazing how much you think you are doing. And it’s fantastic that you are doing nothing. It has already happening, it’s a part of it. There is no chance. But Desh and Kaal, Time and space when join together, your finite personality of the infinite shall mark the place. You shall be. I have a very sad story.

I came in Los Angeles in a plane and I was sitting, next to me was a beautiful blonde girl. Now, right now the idea run in your mind, blonde girl, huh, huh, huh… What’s gone wrong Yogiji, blonde girl? You know, I know you.  You don’t know me that much, but I know you. So she was sitting, and I was sitting…. my staff was with me and all that. Somehow, something provoked me. I said, “Lady, it’s not my place to say, but do you know where you are going?”

She said, “Where are you going?”

I said, “I will go to Albuquerque. And then I go home.”

She said, “No, I am going to El Paso.”

I said, “Somebody is going to receive you there?”

She said, “Yes, I am going to be married, my boyfriend is there. It’s all settled. I am so happy.  Don’t you see me very happy?”

I said, “I am not asking you to be my guest, but here is my card. Because you are walking into a snake pit and nothing will work out. But if there is an emergency, call my number. I have some friends and I’ll help you.”

She said, “What help you can do for me?”

I said, “I am a very weird looking man but, somewhere I can help. It’s not all that bad what you think. So don’t worry about it, you go.”

Next morning, I got a phone call and what I said came true. So, I told her, catch the next flight and go back to California. So, she did. It is amazing that I and she knew each other over twenty-five years. Watch this. And whatever I said she never agreed and whatever she did was nothing but pain, trouble and nuisance. She was not, not qualified, she was highly qualified. She was a prescription registered nurse. She was so elegant, mannerful, beautiful, that there is nothing to say. But whatever she did, either time was not with her, or space was not right. It was so amazing, last conversation she had with me, she said, “I can come and do job.”

I said, “Call Dharma Singh.” You know, so Dharma talked, and this talked and that talked, there was no job.

So, she one day called me, she said, “There is no job.”

I said, “You don’t have many years, days left to live.”

“I am healthy, I am perfect, what’s wrong with me?”

I said, “Nothing. Time to go. World will miss a blonde.”

She asked me, she said, “What is wrong with me?”

I said, “In psychology, I used to teach.   It is called father phenomenon. People who have father’s fear. Then they end up with a male fear. Then they end up with universe fear. They have so much strength of fear and subtleness, they can never be together.”

“What should I do?”

I said, “Do nothing.  Just die and go to God. I will pray for you.” And one day, I got a phone call she has passed away.

Now what I am trying to tell you is not to become a prophet, but facts were known from cause and effect in which she was living. God never wanted her to be happy and she was never happy. But because of unhappiness, she did pray a lot. And when she told me that now in my painful prayers, I am feeling satisfaction. And I said, “Your time has come to go. Your journey is done, your distance is covered, your destiny is in sight. Go my child in peace now.  Time has come.  You have done your job.”

It is not that some of us are not misfits. We as human beings, are creatures created by Almighty Creator and each of us is by itself. There is no role model you can follow, except your own grace, own discipline, own consciousness, own intuition. You change, the entire environment will change for you. Remember, one who created you has not forgotten you, you may forget that Creator. That is why Nanak said,

‘Kar Ishnan Simar Prabh Apna Mann Tann Bhai Aroga.’

In the ambrosial hour take a bath, worship your own God. Whatever your belief is. Your mind and your body will become free of any pain and difficulty.

People learn meditations. There is a problem with meditation, you will always find difficulty.  When you meditate with me, you are set into it.  But normally when we meditate, it gives lot of garbage. All thoughts start floating. Subconscious starts penetrating. And people feel that they cannot concentrate. That’s not true. When you meditate and all the garbage float around, let it float around and just keep on your mantra, whatever you are and that way the subconscious will be clear. You shall be healthy.

I have heard from lot of people their dreams and I interpret them.  Can you believe?  A man who has never dreamed?  I mean, this is my difficulty.  I cannot understand their full pain, but I can understand the meaning of it.

One lady told me, “Every night birds come, and they become bigger and bigger and bigger. Finally, they become so big that one bird jumps in and she falls into the beak. And the birds fly away.” Continue this way two, three times.  She was very upset with it. One day she called me again, she said, “Dream came again.”

I said, “My dear, could you ask your mother that you are adopted or not?”

“No, I am real daughter.”

I said, “Maybe. Ask her confrontingly.”

She ended up calling her mother on a conference line with me. She said, “Mother, I have a hundred percent proof that I am a adopted daughter of yours and you never told me.”

She said, “It’s not worth telling you. Who told you, you are adopted?”

She said, “One investigator.”

She didn’t lie much, but little.

She said, “You should not have done that.  Your father will be hurt. And this is our family thing, and did I ever treat you less than a daughter, or did I ever say anything to you, all that?”

She said, “No.”

She said, “But why didn’t you tell me?”

She said, “What is tell you?”

A beautiful thing she said, which I remember. She said, “A daughter comes from mummy and out of tummy another comes from head and heart. You are the daughter which I have as head and heart. If you didn’t come out of my tummy and I am no less a mummy what I was a mummy.” And that was a great answer. But subconscious psyche did not accept the frequency. So she was subjected to nightmares. And when all this was over, now she wants to know how to get up in the morning.

So in our life we do not recognize the subconscious thoughts. All thoughts which we release, you know, one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye whichever is not satisfied, which does not become a thought, feeling, desire, all that, that goes to subconscious. Process itself. When subconscious overloads, it goes into the unconscious. When unconscious start dropping, it becomes what you call it nightmare or daydreams or whatever.

Once I interviewed a person. I said, “Well, you were in the car, what happened?”

He said, “I don’t know I was in the car.”

I said, “When you realized that you are not in the car?”

He said, “When I was in the hospital.”

He jumped from one freeway to another, from there to the third and was hit by a truck. And till he came to hospital one day later he never knew that he has been hit or he has jumped. Ten, fifteen days later I asked him. I said, “What was you enjoying when you were driving?”

He said, “I was enjoying with my spread wings as a eagle.”

He was eagle.

So reality and nonreality has no barrier. It can lock in. And you must have the capacity not to get entangled with that, that’s the one step to happiness. You must know by intuition the reality. Not by knowledge. It’s too late….”

The lecture continues and he teaches the “3 Stroke Breath for Health Energy and Radiance

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