HAR BHAJAN – Gods Sacred Song

April 15, 2021 |

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Gods Sacred Song
Your song of bliss calls to me
Entices me with sweet ecstasy
Flows through us as cosmic caresses
Soothes away all our stresses
In thy subtle field you hold us dear
Whisper words of wisdom in our ear
Soul to soul you draw us nearer
Till the souls nectar flows clearer
Love’s sweet songs permeating creation
With infinite compassion and patience
Accepting all with infinite wisdom
Selfless service for your children
Embodiment of Guru’s radiance
Holding steady the eternal light
Sacrificed your being on the alter
So that we may not falter
Heart beats the Creator’s rhythm
The bliss within all vibrating loves wisdom
Living free one with Ong
We are all part of God’s sacred sOng.



Sat Nam, Gurudev Kaur Khalsa


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