Heart of a Lion

November 6, 2020 |

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Note:  Khalsa means pure. It doesn’t mean Sikh.  It applies to you if you want it to.

This song was written at a time when many young people were leaving their path. I hoped to give them a way to look at things from a longer perspective…over lifetimes. All our mistakes are from short sight or local sight.

This song was a favorite of Hari Singh Bird, which alone makes it one of mine.

The unique drum sound is from Tablas and Congas. It’s one of my favorite drum parts out of all my music. I played them myself.


In the heart of a lion, there is no fear of dyin

In the heat of battle the spirit of life, burns like a flame

In the depths of the darkness, in the worst betrayal and pain,

the fearless Khalsa heart will beat

to the rhythm of the Name

  1. We never started a war before, but we have finished many.

We see the one in every one,  who should we fear, not any.

We play the game of life with style the question of death we love to enjoy.

We have seen so many times, in so many lives what our life is for.

In so many lives what our life is for.

  1. Enemies come and enemies go, but the Khalsa stands like a mountain range.

We will return to infinity, what in the world will the drama change?

Go onto the battlefield, head in hand as a humble one.

The life doesn’t matter, the courage does, soon the job will be done.

Soon the job will be done.

  1. On every side the world will pull, they want you to join them in their fog

It took you millions of lives to arrive, what do you care for the barking of dogs?

The one who stands alone in the fray is a priceless gem to the One he serves

Be the light for the world to see, invincible ones live by their words.

Invincible ones live by their words.

M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa

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