Heaven on Earth

December 21, 1979 |

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This passage (written by Sat Deva Kaur of Pomona, California) appeared on pages 202-203 of the “Women” section of the book The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib which was published in 1979:

I lie on my back on the earth.
The cool breezes are unusually long, the surprise of coins of leaves,
Shimmering in the arms of sidewalk skies.

Oh, Our Father in Heaven, please bless
Our father on earth.

The stairways between you are dark and mysterious, cozy and winding;
Old-fashioned stairways of communication. In deep recesses of the heart,
In cedar lamps and shining altars, you converse. I often wonder about
You and God. How do you talk to Him, how does He appear to you,
How do you speak to each other?

You are God’s companion.

We often watch you from distances, much too long for us, longing to
Reach out and be next to you. We often stare at you. Just to watch your eyes, or your face of beauty and love, we could sit for days. To be able to speak with you – we crave a touch, or a word, or a piercing look of love,
Made personal – if gained we treasure it and retire to clouds for the rest of the day. But instead of saying all this, our admiration most often speaks to you
In silences.

If I am a clear moon, or a dove, or a child-swan, it is because you are here.
From the rim of the Sun, you have come.

In the dreams I create, in the visions I spin,
You appear as the flame, as my spiritual kin.
Flames in my face, warmth in my heart, fire in my life.
The autumn candles burn the colors away,
Turning the cremated mind into soul.

God would keep us growing strong,
You are the given nourishment.

You are God’s prasaad to us.

The darkness –

Your face darkens with a sudden sharpness, sense of humor
The dark voice of saturnian teacher,
The black, very handsome face and eyes, the eyes of love.

The light –

You are surround by a sheet of white,
Clouds of white,
White on white,
Diamonds of light.

Your name forms designs,
Your name lights castles and dark nights,
Your name warms friends and feelings,
Your name had led us to the Nam.

You have the peace of the sky,
The strength of rivers,
The beauty and godliness of the ocean.

Sometimes in your Virgo heart, you are hurt.
It’s not that we don’t love you,
But how difficult it is to fully appreciate a lily, or a thunderstorm
Or the light that constantly carries you.

Sometimes we sit and meditate, and I feel there is heaven on this earth.
The ethers have stopped for a moment and come down.
And you have given us this heaven on earth.

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