In the Name of the Cosmos

May 30, 1997 |

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“May you all be excellent.  May your future be bright.  May you touch and change everybody who’s down to be up.  May ‘Keep Up’ become your own mantra, ‘Keep Up’ become your motive, ‘Keep Up’ become your mission.  May you keep up ’til the infinity. Sat Nam.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Some days ago, I talked to a friend about my trouble to read books.  He said he has the same problem and already stopped reading books.  I was shocked, because he is a publisher.

In modern times, a flood of new information is constantly trying to catch our attention.  We have a hard time to decide, which to put in our head and what will fill all the waste baskets.

Therefore, I always liked little sayings:  crystal clear, easy to remember and tasty to chew for years.

Yogi Bhajan is a master of this art of poetry.  Since I first read his ‘11 commandments of the space age‘, I have collected these little pearls, wherever I found them.  Nobody could bring the essence of the essence of love, live and the Aquarian Age better to the point — not to mention his witty drawings, published in this book for the first time.

You can prove it right away.

Sat Hari Singh Khalsa
Hamburg, Germany
May 1997

Download the full PDF of “In the Name of the Cosmos” here

Compiled by Sat Hari Singh Khalsa
Cover Design and Layout by Adi Kaur Judith Queins
All illustrations in the book are by Yogi Bhajan

Here’s an image of Sat Hari Singh presenting the book to the Siri Singh Sahib Ji

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