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August 16, 2021 |

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Yogi Bhajan has instructed us in the science of keeping up. The three principles that, when combined, comprise “keeping up” are:

  • Never let down yourself
  • Never let down anybody else
  • Never participate, join, or connive in the letdown of anything.

Keeping up is not about self, it is about keeping up in spite of your ‘self.’ Keep up for yourself (in spite of yourself), keep up for others, keep up for every situation, and keep up even when you cannot keep up. It is the definition of commitment and it works in every aspect of life to establish the vibration of trust, honor, courage and compassion.

Keeping up means to consciously and permanently give up, in advance, the choice to ever change your mind about your commitment, for any reason. This may not be a popular rule to live by, but the results are not obtainable any other way. Demonstrate this kind of resolve; the trust that it evokes can never be matched. This is how honor is created; this is how others can be truly inspired.

When you keep up, you will build your patience, your courage, your strength, your tolerance, your neutrality, your ability to relax, your confidence and your concentration. These qualities will all become vibrant and serve you, if you just keep up. Use this principal—the rewards will be beyond all imagination and expectation.

Keeping up is the pure gold of human behavior. Gold is universally valued for its beautiful reflective quality, its workability and its permanence. When you keep up you reflect the enduring yet brilliantly creative nature of the Infinite. You must be flexible to keep up, as things always change throughout time and space. Yet your commitment is unwavering no matter what happens. When you can allow your small needs to bow to the radiance of this golden spiritual rule, the outcome is always a glorious reflection of the Divine.

The following quotation from Yogi Bhajan makes it clear that keeping up is not about perfection, but rather, it is about courage:

“What is the 3HO way of life? Before you fall, rise. We are nothing but the total believers in resurrection. Our capacity of resurrection is what 3HO is…Errors are human. Blunders and mistakes can happen. The glory of the human is to correct and walk again. That’s the test of life.”
-Yogi Bhajan 7/12/84

The following lecture excerpt from 1/4/94 reveals the profound and fundamental nature of this teaching:

I said, “I will give you healthy, happy and holy life.” That’s how the foundation of 3HO started. That’s how it was. If a person who comes from twelve thousand miles away and knows none, and those he knows become hostile, and then he creates such a humongous friendship, knowledge, relationship, can you believe that? It’s not that I did it. There is no I, you can exactly do it too if you adopt three things. There are three things you have to adopt, less than that you can’t do: Never let down yourself, number one, first principle. Never?

Students: Let down yourself.

YB: Let down yourself and never let down anybody else and never participate, join, or connive in the letdown of anything. Opposite to that is, keep up, keep up, up, doesn’t matter what and keep up, up, whether you can or not. When you can and not, God will stand with you. If you keep up, you shall be kept up, rest is a hotchpotch. That’s it—that is how I have lived. That’s my experience.

When somebody says, “Well, you know this is wrong.” I said, “Okay, that’s okay, I have nothing to do with it” and keep up is the only word, which for twenty-five years I have gone around, this is the hub, this is the nucleus. Keep up, keep up somehow and keep up when you cannot keep up. Because God wants to be kept so the environments and arrangement shall be made, the distance to the destiny shall be covered, either by yourself or by the hand of God, the choice is yours. If your ego cannot show you the path, that’s your problem but once you zero your ego, the Id, the divine in you, will carry you through. That’s how, folks, this whole thing started.

Watch the full January 4, 1994 lecture here:

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