Khalsa On Top of the World

November 2, 2020 |

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Khalsa means “Pure”. It is a Persian word adopted by Guru Gobind Singh.
Being pure does not require you to be a Sikh, or on any specific path.
So just think of this as inspiration for getting through life, whatever your way. After all, our challenges are the same. Ego against higher self. Whatever your religion or non religion, that’s the game.
Included in this song are these lyrics.
“Hand in hand, we never stop, walk lightly and stay together”.
It’s from an actual story.
The Guru used to go into a swamp to meditate. He did this, because it was the only place he could have some time without people distracting him. He had a secret passage through the swamp that only he knew about.
But one of the children watched him go one day. The child wanted to see the Guru, so he got some friends, and they made their way through the dangerous swamp. When the children came into the clearing, the Guru was impressed and asked “How did you make it through that winding, treacherous path?” The child replied “We held hands, stayed together, walked very lightly, and never stopped.”
I always thought it was a great advice to make it through the ever shifting sands of Maya.

Khalsa On Top Of The World

1. Guru Gobind Singh, they tried to take everything His children, his soldiers, his home; everything was gone So he sent to the king, his message of victory In the heart of his darkest night, Invincible majesty


On top of the world we live, like a lotus on the water hand in hand we never stop, walk lightly and stay together On top of the world we live, where the mountains meet the sky In the excellence of Khalsa a man can never die
2. The world will try to break you and make you feel alone but it’s only when you forget your soul that you feel far from home. In the heart of Guru Ram Das there is a special place For those who stand to their duty and never run away

Bridge 1

1. The life of Khalsa is happy, the life of Khalsa is pure The life of Khalsa is simple, the life of Khalsa is sure


3. Guru Gobind Singh (Guru Gobind Singh) has picked you for this special thing (You are the son of a King) Many souls will come to you to lead them to their Guru
Your soul is a precious jewel (your soul is a precious thing) it loves when you sacrifice (remember you are a Singh) It loves to belong to a man whose consciousness has no price

Bridge 2

The life of Khalsa is bountiful, the life of Khalsa is sweet. Peace, trust, and protection are found at the Guru’s feet.


4. You were born to live for the Guru alone Millions of lives of tears and pain to get back to your true home. We stand each new day before our Guru and pray to live as Khalsa so the winds of time can never blow us away.
Written by M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa

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