Khalsa Will Rule

November 2, 2020 |

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Khalsa means “pure”. It has nothing to do with religion. In fact, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim saints are represented through their shabds (songs) in the Sikh Scripture, Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

We really don’t care what you call yourself. Purity is the only thing.

This song is about the time when Earth shall be ruled by pure hearts and minds. It was foretold by Guru Gobind Singh, and  by Yogi ji.

This song is from around 1975 or so. The entire last verse is about slandering a saint. In this case, Yogi ji, but it applies in general. That’s how far back we were discussing slanderers and attacks on him in particular.

For all the young ‘woke’ people who think they have discovered this amazing new tool called slander, sorry. It’s as old as time and we are well versed in it.

Audio Note: This was an archival recording, never meant to be heard. But the times call for it to be out. So here it is, voice problems and all.

Khalsa Will Rule


1st Verse

Guru Gobind Singh came down to claim us as his own

He built us a road through maya’s dream, a road that goes back home

It’s the road of the soldier saint, it’s sharper than a sword

The way has been marked by the sacrifice of those who have gone before


Khalsa will rule the world, 960 million we will be

Living in the Nam, only to serve

In the image of Guru Gobind Singh

2nd Verse

In the fort at Anandpur Sahib, the Guru spoke with fools

“If you’ll stay for one more day, then Khalsa will rule.”

After millions of lifetimes waiting, just to come to that place

They couldn’t take those last few steps, they left in disgrace

3rd Verse

The year was 1968, across the sea he came

to find the ones of the Guru’s court, who slept in Maya’s dream

We were wakened from our dark night, and led to the Guru’s feet

by his humble servant, Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh

4th Verse

Harbhajan Singh came with the Guru’s word, and gave freely to all

Giving his life to give to us, through every test he has stood tall.

He became the Siri Singh Sahib, by service to God and man

A leader is made by sacrifice, not by the stroke of a pen.

5th Verse

The small and mean in this world will try, to break down what is great

but just like a dog howling at the moon, their words will fall in vain.

And for those who slander a saint, there is a special fate

Those who now croak like ravens, will crawl as worms and snakes.


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