Kundalini Yoga Kriya: Beaming and Creating the Future

Become still and project the mind to create your future and your relationship to the world.

Yogi Bhajan first taught this Kundalini Yoga Kriya on June 12, 1990.  Below is the video lecture of when he taught the class.

Here is a PDF of this kriya to print out.

POSE: Sit in Easy Pose. Stretch the spine straight and become very still.

EYES: Eyes are closed.

MUDRA: Relax the hands in Gyan Mudra across the knees.

Part One

Drink the breath in a single, deep, long sip. Close the mouth and exhale through the nose, slowly and completely.

Time: 7-15 minutes.

Part Two

Inhale and hold the breath comfortably. As you hold the breath in, meditate on zero. Think in this way: “All is zero; I am zero; each thought is zero; my pain is zero; that problem is zero; that illness is zero.” Meditate on all negative, emotional, mental and physical conditions and situations. As each thing crosses the mind, bring it to zero—a single point of light, a small, insignificant non-fact. Positive things—notice without zeroing. Exhale and repeat; breathing in a comfortable rhythm.

Time: 7-11 minutes.

Part Three

Think of the thought you need the most. What quality or condition do you most desire for your complete happiness and growth? Summarize that thing in a single word like “Wealth,” “Health,”“Relationship,” “Guidance,” “Knowledge,” “Luck,” etc. It has to be one word. Lock on that word and thought. Visualize facets of it. Inhale and hold the breath as you beam the thought in a continuous stream. Lock onto it. Relax the breath as needed.

Time: 5-15 minutes.

TO END: Inhale and move the shoulders, arms and spine. Then stretch the arms up, spread the fingers and breathe deeply a few times.

Comments: Your mind does not have a limit on its creativity when it is beamed with a focus after clearing it of other distracting thoughts and attachments. The best way to practice this is on an empty stomach with only liquids taken during the day.

Here’s what Yogi Bhajan said while he was teaching this kriya on June 12, 1990:

Drink full breath, one stroke, full breath and then exhale. You always breathe, you never drink air. Make the breath longer, deeper and fuller, try it, try it. If you drink a full breath it will be a very, very big breath, you have never enjoyed that way. Drink in a full breath, if you cannot take any air in and then let it go, that’s all you have to do. If you do it right it works like a pendulum as they put before your eyes and they use their optical nerve, you are exactly you are using your own rhythm of diaphragm by conscious breathing. Drink fuller and deeper, sit straight and right, concentrate. Your arc line shows, majority of you are reaching that status, some of you are not interested, that’s fine with me, that’s your personal loss, I have nothing to worry about that, but please try. We are actually a group of achievers, if you are yawning you are lucky, openly yawn, it’s the part of the process.

Now make an effort to make the breath longer and deeper and effective. Try it, try it, try it, concentrate. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe deep. Breathe in one breath, full chest and deep. You are unable to break your own tension, what you can do for anybody else, come on let us get going. Now inhale deep, breathe normally, close your eyes, all is, meditate on zero, Shunya, zero, I am zero, all is zero, in the beginning was zero, now is zero, zero shall be, I am zero, all is zero, zero was, zero is and zero shall be.

My thoughts are zero, my disease is zero, my problems are zero, multiply by zero, comes everything zero, zero was, zero is and zero shall be. I am zero, all is zero. Please do the self hypnosis, hypnotize yourself over zero. Now everything you think is wrong with you, multiply it with a zero and make it zero. Your fears, one by one, multiply them with zero and they will become zero, simple mathematics. What you like and want, please don’t multiply that.

I am zero, my problems are zero, my fears are zero, my negativity are zero, threats are zero.

Now expand yourself in the all negativity, within and without surrounding and projection, all negativity, multiply it with zero. Your sorrows multiply them with zero. Control the physical, make all negative, unwanted things, thoughts and projection zero by multiplying it with zero.

Now take your choicest thought, most supportive thing you need the most and lock on it. Repeat it with mental continuous thought, beam on it and lock on it, lock it, it has to be one word, you need wealth, you need health, you need anything, just one word, lock it and repeat it, repeat it, lock it, send the constant beam. Your one personal thought, lock on it, hold it, don’t let it slip by you, tell me what you want, lock it, it will be yours. Lock it.

Watch the full lecture by Yogi Bhajan here:


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