Law of the Teacher

January 22, 1979 |

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These are quotes from Siri Singh Sahib Ji, from pages 65 and 67 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.

“The law of the teacher is a law of feeling, a law of living.  The teacher is a source of life.  The process of achieving and more achieving and more achieving towards the positive goodness is a never-ending process. 

“One day you have to rest, my friend.  You sleep, and the teacher sleeps:  You sleep for yourself, the teacher sleeps for others.  Once you conquer the inner conflict, you become a first-rate servant to all who look upon you.  That is the requirement of the teacher.    Saints, sages, holy men, swamis and yogis, all set an example which you can follow.  The teacher doesn’t set an example, he or she makes an example out of you.  Try to understand the difference.  A teacher doesn’t set an example.  He or she is like a dye.  Anything you put in the dye will change.  A teacher is not a saint, he is the maker of the saint.  A teacher is not a yogi, he is the maker of a yogi.  A teacher is not a swami, he is a maker of a swami.  A teacher is not beautiful, he creates beauty.  Try to understand the difference between a teacher and a saint.  One is at peace with his inner duality, the other has conquered his inner duality.”  (March 11, 1976) 

 “Our function is to create teachers.  We don’t create disciples.  But we share all knowledge with everybody, to build the basic foundation of everybody, so through His Grace of Light, through the very shining in your eyes, through your very living, through your very inspiration, people should love to know why you are so divine, why you are so shining, why you are so beautiful.  Your existence should be a hope!” 

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