Letter from Yogi Bhajan – April 22, 1974

April 12, 1974 |

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One of the thousands of letters Yogi Bhajan sent to his students over the decades….
April 22, 1974
“My Dear Son in Divine,
Sat Nam. We are all in learning process trying our best to jump over the hurdles and to miss the puddles, but sometimes it is good to just dive in and get wet. Then we will know what it is to be dry and then we can be much happier that this high existence is not just a myth but a reality.
Keep up, my dear son. We are growing wiser and richer in God’s Light and expanding everyday throughout the world, from the West Indies to America to Europe and as far as you can imagine. God will never turn back. We just have to have the courage to face what we have to face and to do what we have to do. Do it in the Name of God and you will master time and space to live in the hands of God.
Love you. In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY and the Holy Nam that holds the world.
Humbly yours,
Yogi Bhajan
P.S. God is in you. Share it with others. Don’t be Lazy.
Yogi Bhajan

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