Me Within Me: A Meditation for Self-Affirmation

Practicing this meditation powerfully affirms our purity, grace, and mastery, and thereby affirms our worthiness to receive. This is an affirmation to hold in consciousness as a guideline for our lives.

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Interlace the hands in Venus Lock in front of the heart center with the elbows relaxed down.

The eyes are closed.

Me Within Me Is the Purity.
Me Within Me Is the Reality.
Me Within Me Is the Grace.
I Am the Master of the Space.

Listen carefully as you chant.

Continue for 11 minutes.

Inhale deeply, hold the breath and synchronize your body, as you tighten every fiber of the body in alignment with that purity and piety. Repeat once more. Then inhale deeply, exhale and relax.

Some people stand by their words in integrity. But those who live lives of greed and corruption may become depressed, indifferent, and regretful. Kundalini Yoga is the science of keeping up in spite of all odds. It can make the impossible possible. It is for those who can remain strong through all obstacles. It is grit, commitment and consciousness to live out one’s destiny.

“At one time piety was strength and people’s words were as solid as rock. Their words of Truth won the grace. Today we corrupt ourselves and our corruption is a way of life. Children are given values of emotions, commotion and material achievement. People drink to get out of their pain. People become depressed, then indifferent. Soon people will regret and lament the useless waste of their lives.

Kundalini Yoga is the science of keeping up, in spite of all odds, at any cost. It is not to become a saint, it is to create saints. It is not to make life possible, but to make the impossible possible. It is not for ego, lowliness and disgrace, but for those who are strong and can roar like lions through all the obstacles, and reach their destiny every day. It is grit, commitment and consciousness within one’s self to achieve the mission of the self.”
~Yogi Bhajan

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