Meditation for Gurprasad

February 18, 2021 |

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Guru is that guidance which takes you from darkness to light. Gurprasad means Guru’s Grace or Blessing; given by the grace of the Guru.

When you are given a gift, a blessing, accept it as it is given. Don’t try to change it to your liking. Accept it with great devotion so it can open doors for you.

This is a very restful posture. The pressure against the rib cage meridian points gives relaxation.


Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. With your upper arms close to your sides, bring your hands to the level of the heart with the hands side-by-side and cupped (the way they are for receiving prasad*).  Your upper arms and elbows should be pressed comfortably against your ribcage (thus stimulating meridian points that will lead to relaxation).


Eyes are one-tenth open and focused on the tip of the nose.


Breathe naturally, but with intention.  Allow yourself to experience the abundant flow of the universe. Imagine yourself being showered with limitless blessings.  Believe in the power of gratitude and begin to feel the palpable energy that is contained within your hands. There, in your hands–and in your breath and in your spirit–lies the divine universal power of giving and receiving.


There was no time given for this meditation. It is suggested to start with 3 to 11 minutes and work up to 31 minutes.

*Prasad means blessed food. A special prasad is made with flour, honey, and ghee and is served in Sikh Gurdwaras.

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