Meditation Kriya to Teach You How to Pray

In this lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, he teaches a Meditation Kriya to teach you how to pray.   Here is what he said while having the students do this meditation:

In this brain of yours, there is a stem of the brain, not big thing, this much. It’s like, whole United States and you see little Florida down there like a little pinkie hanging. That’s how brain stem is. It will be investigated. That stem is not just a stem, it is your total personality, projection and progression control system. You can be very fortunate, if you understand how it works.

Please hold your hands like this and lock them and put these two Jupiter fingers up there like this and lock your these thumbs, just like this and sit straight. And think like as you throw a stone in the water and the waves go out, similarly your waves are going out. Personify yourself, lead yourself to this meditation. Consolidate yourself and expand your waves, send your waves out. Like you are a stone dropped in the middle of the water and you know the circles go on and on to infinity.

Imagine you are on the top of the Mount Everest sitting and sending the waves to the entire globe.

Send the waves out.

You are a beautiful magnetic field and you do vibrate. For your good luck and best luck and your best self, send the waves out.

Just mentally see those waves.

Don’t spread thin.  Go deeper into it. If you know today what you are doing, then you will know never to be handicapped. You just project your personal power.

Go heavier, heavier, powerful and powerful. Project yourself consciously. There is so much tantric energy released right now between you, but if you concentrate you can have fun, which may not be otherwise possible.

First step to life is learn to send vibrations out. Become a beacon of vibratory power of your soul. Let it touch the unlimited shores.

All other powers are useless if you don’t have your own power and power of your soul is the pure power. Let the vibration go out of you. It is your prayer. It will meet all challenges unto Infinity. Concentrate, consolidate.

You are doing great. Now consider your spine is like a tube of light, it is lit between the base of your neck and your base of your where are you sitting.

Now, it is sending out light rays.

You have one more minute.

Please do breath of fire. That’s good way of awakening.  For a minute just have the breath of fire so that you are balanced. And now make your hand and shake it like this, like going to the universe. Yep. Now relax.

Do you think in, in eleven minutes, what you can achieve? It doesn’t take much of time, it’s just a matter of practice. What does this practice establish in you? You shall not have a problem. Problem is when you stand against you. Present problem is solved when you use yourself to solve it. You must reach out for yourself.

Somebody asked, “I don’t know, how to reach out.”

I said, “Fine. Make a phone call in the house,” there were two numbers, “From one number to another number and pick up the other and speak.”

He said, “It’s impossible.”

I said, “What, what you are going to lose? It’s a local call.”

So from one phone the guy called the other number and picked up the other number. This time he was speaking and that time he was listening and then he was answering the questions. He said he went crazy. He realized he has been idiot all these years.

I say, “Oh, that’s a realization, I have nothing to say.”

But you can call your own number sometime.

Learn, if you want to live in Age of Aquarius. Learn to call on yourself, learn to be yourself, learn to vibrate, that’s the one good thing we all can learn. Let us become prayerful in attitude. Then God will bless you in every field, whatever your field is.

Blessed is the body, which my soul earned, blessed is my mind, which covers me and blessed is my soul, which lives through the Karma. Blessed are the environments, which guided me to the Dharma. Blessed are the moments, when I answer the call of duty. Blessed is all that lives around me, because that makes me feel blessed. Thank you very much.

…And blessed are you and may the sweetness of your life bring you strength and grace. Woman without grace and man without courage should never be born, they are worse than the peel of the banana. However, it is never understood, by the mankind.

There are only two things people have to learn, if you are male, you must be honest with courage, if you are woman you must be honest with your grace, do not compromise. And then God shall serve you. That’s guaranteed. Twenty-four carat perfect. No hanky-panky.

Instructions for the Meditation

  1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.
  2. Interlace the fingers, the left Mercury Finger (pinkie finger) is on the outside. Extend the Jupiter Fingers (index fingers) straight. Cross the thumbs, right over left. Place the mudra in front of the Heart Center with the thumbs very close to the chest; the Jupiter Fingers point straight up. Elbows are relaxed.
  3. Close the eyes or keep the eyes 1/10th open.
  4. Visualization: Build an image of yourself, still and radiant. Your prayer is like a stone, which is dropped in the middle of some water. It creates waves and ripples. Feel yourself as the waves and ripples going on unto Infinity. The power of your soul is the pure power. Let the power of your soul vibrate out. It has no limit or boundary. Consolidate yourself and expand your waves, lead your waves out. Become a beacon of the vibratory power of your soul. Let it touch the unlimited shores. Imagine sitting on the top of Mount Everest, see the entire world. Send waves to the entire globe with each thought.
  5. Breathe slow, deep and meditatively.
  6. For the last 2 minutes consider your spine is like a tube of light. There is light between the base of your neck and the base where you are sitting. Now it is sending out light rays.

To End the Meditation

  1. Do heavy Breath of Fire, hold the posture, to awaken yourself out of the meditation. Continue for 1 minute. Then stretch the arms out to the sides, forearms bent up at about a 45-degree angle. Begin shaking and circling just the hands. Send the energy out to the universe. Continue for 15 seconds.

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