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January 17, 1979 |

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This passage and quote are by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and were published in 1979 on page 181 of the “Mind, Mantra and Meditation” section of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib.
Relax in total existence, relating under the total ordinance of your higher consciousness.  Each cell of your body must relax.  You are going to be totally, extremely relaxed individual.  Absolutely relax, relax with dignity, with perfect heart and consciousness, with sweetness and beauty.  Feel every cell of your body relaxing, deeper and deeper, steadier and steadier and steadier and steadier. 
Survey yourself in any form and self-situation.  Let everything go, let all the tension go.   
When you relax your body, God will prevail, because the praanaa will prevail.  It is the prevailing of the praanaa that gives you absolute health.  Oh, dear one, just relax, feel that the fingertips are falling away, the wrists are going away, everything is breaking.  Shatter your body into all its cells, build it up, vibrate your tattvaas into tattvaas.  Let your mind collaborate with you at this moment.  
Relax your body, your eyes, your eyebrows, your cheeks, your chin, your neck, your head, shoulders, rib cage, belly and everything in it, waistline, thighs, shins, ankles, feet, toes, everything.   
Let the Divine flow through you.  Let you receive It, every part of It is yours.  It is your privilege and you must have that privilege.  Be extremely relaxed and use your mind to relax yourself.  One who cannot relax himself on command, has not known his command yet.  It is the highest power of the self; therefore, please command yourself to relax.  Become the master of the self.  Let this physical self, obey your mental self and the praanaa, the soul, must prevail through you.

“There is saying in the West, ‘There lives a man.  For such a man, people shall mark the way.’ What kind of a man are we talking about?  A man of his word.  When you are totally behind whatever you say, then even God bows to you.  Then you are a supreme being.  But when you say one thing and mean something else, you are ‘Mister Different’, and the whole world will be indifferent to you.  The law of karma will prevail.  When you are consistently of one kind, the entire universe will be kind to you.  If you say you will do something, but you don’t do it, it means that you are not you.”  (March 18, 1976) 

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