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November 6, 2020 |

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On This Day was written back in the 70’s.

We had a about 20 people living in the Atlanta ashram. So, we would have birthdays fairly often.

I couldn’t bring myself to sing “Happy Birthday to You” one more time. It’s nice and sweet, but I would much rather sing something with our caliber of consciousness.

I wanted something to reflect the depth of what it means to come into an incarnation. Especially, if you are blessed enough to be in a human form.

The human form is the most sought after. Even angels long for it.

Since there was nothing at time, I sat down and came up with this song. Or should I say, this song was given to me.

I added “Long Time Sun” (lyric by Mike Heron of “The Incredible String Band”) because we always sang that after Happy Birthday anyway. So, I just combined them.

This version, using the original tune, was recorded by Dr. Dharma and me for an album we did together in 2004. We’ll be hearing more from this album in the future.

When I first played this for Yogi ji, he didn’t seem to think much of it. I played it for Shakti Parwha’s birthday celebration at solstice. He didn’t ask to hear it again (from me anyway). So, I rarely played it at our events outside of our ashram.

Then, years later, I was in L.A. and I was sitting in class. At the end Yogi ji said to Hari Bhajan Kaur (red head) “Come on, play the song”.  She played this song. Well, her version. It was close, but with some minor differences.

You see, she had heard it and learned it from another person, who had heard me play it. That person had unconsciously heard it slightly different, and like a game of telephone, it got changed through the process.

Somehow, along the way, she had played it for Yogi ji at a class. He started having her play it after every class. She recorded it, and her version became the best known.

So that’s why to many of you, this won’t sound quite like what you are used to. But this is the certified original version.

On This Day

On this day the Lord gave you life
May you use it to serve him
Our loving prayers will be with you
May you never forget Him

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
guide your way on

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