Our Time

November 6, 2020 |

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My meditation on the future, from the 1970’s.

  1. You sent us here
    but You didn’t leave us
    Oh Lord take away this pain
    this illusion of separation

We can’t be alone
You gave us a family
The Guru called us together
To the Khalsa Nation

In the music of my sister singing
There is your praise
In the light of my brothers smile
there is your face


The future is our time
time of the Khalsa rule
We’ve got a job to do
and this is the time to do it

And we have a Guru
to guide us on our way
to give our love and devotion
for who can come
and who will go
none can say

2.  There is a road
But all cannot walk it
God has blessed just a few
to make Him their destination

The way is hard
only the True Ones will make it

It leads to the Guru’s court
through the Khalsa Nation

In the glory of our children chanting
there is Your Name
And when they bow their heads
That is Your grace


3.  The radiant souls
the Sikhs of the True One
We are more precious than gold
we who live by values
We will still stand
when all else has fallen

Stand as a beacon to all
On the road of our Guru

In your service we will cross the Ocean
and stand at Your gate
Exalted in shining light
Merged in Your Name


You sent us here
but You didn’t leave us

Music and Lyrics Livtar Singh Khalsa
© 1984 – 2020

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