October 30, 2020 |

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Imagine a hot summers day in rural France and you and your partner are feeling the absolute joy of completing the last exercise in a grueling Tantric day .  It was the last tantric course Yogi Bhajan taught before he transformed into the jet power of the media portal, and now wherever he is going today. As he left the arena of three or four hundred people, he looked over to my line about 100 meters away and exclaimed “You are now the Master!”.  I was sitting facing away from him.

 I would have had to turn myself around completely to see him. I silently started saying a prayer, an Ardaas. He looked over again, “The Sikh Ardaas” !, he exclaimed graciously and walked from the arena. Everybody in the line may have been saying prayer silently.

After summer I returned to college in the North of Ireland. There was a terrorist war going on with daily shootings and bombings (think New York City, but much worse) .  One day at college a bomb which had been planted to kill military personnel exploded. Two were killed. Before explosives ignite, there is normally a white flash, when it feels like all time stands still before your eyes.  The white flash is from a mercury tilt switch (for you military guys). 

The moment that flash happened, my crown chakra opened and started buzzing, like a sound you hear in a room alone with a loud bee.  Believe me, I felt the direct protection of Yogi Bhajan and Guru Raam Daas.  The following year at a Khalsa council lunch, I was at a table near to Yogi Bhajans table. He looked over at me and in a matter of fact tone said “A bomb”.  I responded to him “It exploded”.

Prescience, or knowing far into the past and future, is a spiritual gift. Sat Naam,

Guru bless you.

Guru Singh

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