Receiving Gifts

March 8, 2005 |

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*This image and words from Soorya Kaur (staff member of Yogi Bhajan) were shared on pages 25 of her book, YogiJi – The Light of Our Souls, written in 2005 .

“You are a musical instrument of infinity… In you there is a shell, in the shell is the music.  If you are in harmony, you are in peace.” ~ Yogiji

Yogiji was the recipient of several gifts, including the instrument on his lap.  All presents were first placed at the altar, both for his prayers and blessing for the gift giver.  Anything that was presented to him was considered sacred, and found a special place in one of the residences, or went to the archives.  It was very important to Yogiji that all correspondence was acknowledged immediately.  Every letter or communication he received was preserved in the archives.  

In this photograph, he is reading “The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib“, a tribute to him and his first 10 years in America.

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