Relating to Your Subtle Body

April 30, 2016 |

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Written by Nirvair Singh in 2016

Do you want to come into relationship with your Subtle Body? The Siri Singh Sahib spoke about the Subtle Body in many lectures.

Here are three practical ways to come into vital relationship with your Subtle Body, with quotations from the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan):

1) Practice looking deeper, beyond the surface of communications, events, relationships and news. If action or response is required in relation to that information, it should reflect your soul and your commitment to your highest Self.

“Without soul you don’t exist and soul without Subtle Body cannot move. Subtlety of life is that you be refined to the subtlety of life. You should see under the skin of everything. Your actions should not only be right but they should look right. Your word should be eternal. Once you promise right and wrong, once you give your word, that’s it. There is one problem: whenever you will study with a spiritual teacher he will put you into so many puzzles to find out whether you can stand on your feet or not, because there is no university which ever gives you a diploma or a degree without examination. You are curious to know what is God. A spiritual teacher is curious to know where you stand in relationship with God.” (May 21, 1981)

2) Commit to an early morning Sadhana to refine your Subtle Body and live by Spirit.

“Why it is essential? You want to know scientifically? Whenever the earth is in angle to sun where the reflection of the sun, reflection of the sun rays are higher in angle―you know at 3 o’clock, at 4 o’clock [am] like that when the sun hits at 12 o’clock underneath the sun rays are that way angle and this way and that way but at 12 o’clock and onwards sun starts going this way in reflection. By about 6, 7 o’clock [am] it is flat and after that it is diagonal; the noon is horizontal, then diagonal this way and then reflecting this way. So taking that time calm and quiet ― they are called optimum points. So, ‘Amrit Vela,’ rise at that ambrosial hour [2.5 hours before sunrise], ‘Ishnaan kar naam jap,’ take a bath and meditate on God. Why? Because you will energize yourself for the whole day. Because once your Subtle Body is refined, your spirit will take over, and when spirit takes over God will take over you. Therefore you cannot be weak, you cannot be tired, you cannot be defeated.” (May 25, 1982)

3) Practice conscious bowing to the Guru as a meditation and preparation for your final transition.

“There are two words. Very important words. One is called Daan, D-A-A-N, and other is called Bheta. Daan means charity. Daan is given…charity is given to somebody who is lower than you. Bheta is given to somebody who is higher than you. So when you go before Siri Guru Granth you offer Bheta; you don’t do anything as charity. Some of you do not stand in the line and they do not want to stand in the line [to bow before Siri Guru Granth Sahib]; but even when your soul will leave the Subtle Body it has to stand in the line to go through the call: it is called ‘Cylindrical path.’

“The idea of coming [before the Siri Guru Granth Sahib]—the protocol or the idea or the meditation—it’s a great meditation. To come calmly and quietly, and get your feet washed, quietly, and walk very slowly and humbly and come to Siri Guru Granth very decently and well dressed, well decorated, and offer something, maybe a quarter or a dollar or two dollars or five dollars or hundred dollars, doesn’t matter.  It’s all your heart; it is not a matter of the head.  Whatever you feel and offer before it and then quietly and effectively bow and pray. This all is an act of meditation. It’s an act of realization. Because the highest power before a man is the power of prayer. Offering yourself before the Guru is the highest prayer.” (KWTC, July 15, 1981)

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