Sahej – The Harmonious Way

November 19, 1989 |

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The following is an excerpt of a Gurdwara Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Ji on November 19, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bani is Guru, Guru is Bani and there are all nectars contained in it. If there is a nectar inside, outside shall be with nectars. The every sector of life will become nectar, when inside there is no facade, but only nectar.  And those who do not produce any inside, we are actually besieged by ambitions, temptations, desires, adversities, name it. Our fort is our own radiance and within that fort we need that radiation to just be alive, and that nectar to be in excellence.

In my privilege thought I like to share with you something.  If you ever have a misunderstanding that outside world will be according to your control, no it’s not true.  It’s a wrong idea. Outside world is controlled by outside, because that’s why you call it outside world. You can’t control weather. Weather can control you. You cannot control earthquake. Earthquake can control you. You cannot control outside love, which may be flying kiss, or it may be slap on the face. Outside force is outside force, but you can control your inside. That is given to you and that is where we start.

“Anand Bhaya Merey Mai, Sat Guru Mein Paaya” oh my mother I have a bliss in my side. “Anand Bhaya Merey Mai, Sat Guru Mein Paaya” we are talking to mother. Mother is this Dhart Maa, mother earth is the mother. In Siri Guru Granth everywhere that the word mother comes it is relevant to this aspect to fact “Pavan Guru Pani Pita Maata Dhart Mahat” our mother is the Dharth, the earth means graceful. Earth is graceful because it is graceful because it is reflections of the heavens. Planet earth is the only one planet in the entire existence, which is the reflection of the entire psyche of not only of the universe but of the universes of universe of universe. That understanding we have to live with. That understanding we have to under “Anand Bhaya Merey Mai, Sat Guru Mein Paaya.

I have found out in a easy way. Sahej means very easy, very smooth harmonious and my mind is in blissful. Why? Because within myself, within my psyche, within my being, within my radiant body, I have my own nectar within me. I have created that. I have stimulated my Tattvas. I have resolved the unity of my gunas. I have resounded and I have really re processed my chakras and I find myself in absolute bliss and that is what Anand is about, that’s what bliss is about and that’s what the song of bliss. It deals with you in detail. It deals with you personally. It deals with you affectionately. Guru deals with you being as you are. A human Guru will have feelings in ecstasy, but shall be a human. Subtle Guru shall have the feelings of a human, but also the subtleties of the human. It is the subtlety of the human, which reaches us to the reality of human.

“Sahej is a state of mind where command and obedience become one….
Where in Siri Guru Granth is Sahej explained? After all, Siri Guru Granth Sahib is fourteen hundred and thirty pages. Where is Sahej explained?
Ek Ong Kar. That is a state of Sahej. The One created the One, is Sahej….
The state of Sahej Yoga, which is called the way of Sikh Dharma, is contained in these words, Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam. Truth and Identity became one.”
 ~Siri Singh Sahib Ji, July 10, 1984

This song, “Sahej” was written by Livtar Singh

Oh Lord, I have come from wandering,
If only for a moment I could know you
All my cleverness would vanish,
So humble are the Sikhs of the True Guru

Sahej, the easy acceptance
Sahej, of your own radiance
Sahej, with love of the Guru enshrined in your heart and soul the way is effortless

In the quiet peace of the soul,
where the unknown self is known,
The bride merges with her Lord.
He fills her heart with his love,
and makes her his own

So how are we to meet you,
to live in your ecstasy
In the company of your saints,
I feel your light in every cell of me


Long locks and waves of hair tumble down at night
Guru Gobind Singh lives there in the radiant body light
Night is the time of remembering God,
time of thanksgiving for another day as a pure one,
for another day of living in Sahej….

Sahej, the easy acceptance,
Sahej, of your own radiance,
Sahej, when love of the Guru lives in your heart and soul,
you are effortless.

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